IAI and the Islamic State Iraq

There is a gap between the IAI and “al-Qaida”.

First, let us take a look into one of the english speaking forum, where “the base” posted the following:

Assalamu alikum,

Today on Al-Jazeera TV, there was a short interview with Dr. Ibrahim Ash-Shummari, the spokeman of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

I’ve never ever expected him to be so rude like this.

He assurred that the Islamic State committed crimes against Muslims, and he called Sheikh Abu Umar to repent and openly apologize to Muslims.

He said he had evidences and witnesses that the Islamic State (he calls it Al-Qaeda, never testified the existance of an Islamic state) soldiers killed Muslims and were criminals.

And one of the most rude part in his speech on Al-Jazeera, he replied back to what Sheikh Abu Umar said when he called the soldiers of the Islamic Army “My sons”. He replied: “And the Islamic Army soldiers are not sons of anyone”!!!!!! Is this a man who fears Allah??

It is so obvious that the Islamic Army in Iraq is a part of a very big intrigue against the Islamic State.

La Hawla wa la qowatta illa billah.


And now lets turn to a arabic speaking forum, where a 2 page WORD document was upped several days ago – the alnusra admin made a statement that no further statements or posts of any kind by the islamic army in iraq will be possible as the IAI has denounced that the Islamic State Iraq simply is the al-Qa’ida organization in Iraq – therefore the alnusra jihad network has ceased to cooperate with the IAI and forbids the IAI to further use the alnusra network to make their claims, announcements and statements of any kind.

Poll: What should the mujahidin do?

(of the 9 voters, one vote to “concentrate on more important operations, like capturing bush”)

I am posting the whole “story”, so enjoy the read…

Here is the story related to the poll (copy-and-paste-propaganda of GIMF/CL):


This interview was conducted by the Global Islamic Media Front in the Crusader’s Lands.

Global Islamic Media Front in the Crusader’s Lands (GIMF/CL): It’s quite unusual to be together with a Muslim brother and Crusader’s soldier in one room. Can you tell us how you know each other?

Crusader’s Soldier (CS): I am homeless and have met the brother on a street corner. I have requested this interview.

Muslim Brother (MB): I have been doing Itikaf. After the conclusion of ten days, I was walking home from the Masjid. It was very late at night. I saw two homeless beggars on the street corner; one was old and the other young. As I reached to my pocket, looking for some change, the younger one appeared very frightened saying, “I promise to tell you the truth, I hadn’t kill anyone in Iraq.” I was very surprised and puzzled by this response, as I only intended to give them some money for food.

GIMF/CL: Why did you fear the Muslim brother?

CS: I thought he was from a Mujahedin Assassination Squad hunting down American soldiers who have been in Iraq. I believed the Iraqi Mujahedin told him about me. I wanted to tell him everything. I hoped Muslims can forgive my mistakes. I thought that I should try to correct as much as possible before I was going to die.

GIMF/CL: Are you a member of any Mujahedin Assassination Squad in the Crusader’s Lands? How did you react?

MB: No, I am not a member of any assassination squad. I listened to the young man’s story and it contained details that appeared sincere and truthful. Later, I contacted the Mujahedin in Iraq and they confirmed many of his claims. Hamdulillah, some of the intell collected was useful to the Iraqi Mujahedin.

GIMF/CL: You mentioned to me that you were a guest of the Muslim brothers in the Crusader’s Lands. How were you treated during your stay? Did they threatened or mistreated you in any way?

CS: I want to emphasize that I stayed with them on my own free will. They never threatened me. Actually, they treated me very well. They took me to a safe house under an armed guard and searched me but told me that I was their guest and, if I wanted to leave, all I needed to do is to tell them. They provided me with medical care, gave me new clothing, plenty of good food, and books to read. The place was small but cozy and clean. The brothers treated me respectfully. They allowed me to use their gym and to exercise with them. We did callisthenic every day. I was not used to their schedule, like getting up at 4 am, for example. I was not getting up this early even in the military! I listened to their prayers five times a day and to their Quran recitations. They even found a Quran for me in English, taught me some Arabic and introduced me to Islam.

GIMF/CL: You said that you haven’t killed anyone in Iraq. Yet, you mentioned committing some mistakes. Can you explain that?

CS: After my college graduation, I became a junior business associate in a bank. I did a lot of partying and [alcohol] drinking. My life had no direction. Then, the US Army contacted me with a possible job offer as a police officer, gave me a huge bonus and many guarantees. However, about six months later, I was headed to Iraq–against my will. First, the military shipped me to Kuwait. I was not allowed to leave my unit, go anywhere. They told me I have to kill everyone … men, women, children, young and old.

GIMF/CL: How did you feel about it? How did others in your company react?

CS: I felt betrayed. I became ill and begged them to let me go back. The CO began shouting and calling me a fag and homo. He warned me and said I will be put to prison and raped, if I keep refusing orders. I was so frightened about loosing my humanity, I cried for three days. Others got drunk, some were using drugs, and few attempted suicide, some successfully.

GIMF/CL: Are you a homosexual?

CS: No. It’s a kind of insult. It’s quite common in the American military. If they don’t like you, they make fun of you, call you a fag, and beat you. Officially, no officer would admit that this is happening in their unit but everyone knows about it.

GIMF/CL: How was it like in Iraq? What did you do there?

CS: It was very hot and I was loosing my mind. The company commander told us that the Mujahedin are going to torture us, rape us and cut off our heads. They made me guard a check-point. Once, a bus full of school children was approaching and I was ordered to shot the driver. I aimed my rifle and saw his white beard and wrinkled face through the scope. He smiled and attempted to wave. I froze and was unable to pull the trigger. I just could not kill him. As a punishment, I had to collect dead bodies around Baghdad. At times, this was a very dangerous job, especially at night. Their plan was to have me killed and get rid of me this way.

GIMF/CL: To your knowledge, did the Mujahedin ever torture anyone, did they commit atrocities?

CS: I have never seen or heard of anyone being tortured or raped by the Mujahedin. On the other hand, the American soldiers did commit many atrocities against the Iraqis.

GIMF/CL: What kind of atrocities did the Americans commit?

CS: Some members of my company humiliated and tortured Iraqi prisoners. The point was to take away their human dignity, to break them down. Usually, they got very drunk and went to their cells during the night shift. Also, they raped both the male and female prisoners; some of them were just very young children! I was not allowed inside the prison because they were afraid I may complain or say something.

GIMF/CL: Why did the Americans imprisoned women and children? What had they done?

CS: They had done nothing. They were usually kidnapped, along with their children, from their homes at night. The military believed that the female prisoners may be mothers, wives and daughters of the Mujahedin. The CO hoped that the Mujahedin will claim their women back and get captured when they show up to negotiate their release from prisons.

GIMF/CL: Did you witness any war crimes while driving around?

CS: I usually stayed outside in the streets. Others broke into the homes of ordinary Iraqis. If they were in a bad mood or did not like someone, they shot them. It did not matter, if the person was an elderly, father, mother or newborn. If the babies began crying, they took them by their ankles and smashed their heads till their scull cracked and brains splashed out. If there was a young girl, they tore off her clothes and gang-raped her front of her siblings and parents. Then they shot them all. They took whatever they liked from the homes. If they needed to cover up their atrocities, they threw grenades into the rooms, claiming an attack by the insurgents. They enjoyed the humiliation, rapes and killings, and were really proud of themselves. It was a kind of “SOP” [Standard Operating Procedure]. No questions asked. Ever.

GIMF/CL: Did you ever see any dead Americans?

CS: Yes, every day. We had to collect bodies and other body parts around Baghdad. Some soldiers committed suicides, others were killed by IEDs or RPGs, yet others were captured by the Mujahedin when planting bombs in markets or mosques trying to incite fights between the Iraqis. The strategy was to have the Iraqis keep fighting each other, so we can have their oil. It’s a big money for the American military-industrial complex. [this belief has become quite common among muslims – onlinejihad.wordpress.com]

Also, the Mujahedin offered to exchange our soldiers for the girls and women kept in the prison but the military would not agree to that. So, the Mujahedin killed them. We collected the remains and sent them back to their families in America telling their parents that they are heroes. Their families never learned what their sons really did in Iraq.

GIMF/CL: You come from a relatively well-to-do family in America. You completed a college education. You had a successful business career before entering the US Army. Why are you homeless right now?

CS: I am afraid the military would find me, if I have a home address. They may send me back to Iraq.

GIMF/CL: What would you do, if they find you anyway and send you back to Iraq?

CS: America has been loosing the war for some time now. The military is very desperate for people. If they find me, I will go [to Iraq]. When I get there, if the Iraqi Mujahedin forgive me, I will assist them in their struggle against the Americans. I want to repair my wrongdoings and do what’s right, if I get another chance.

GIMF/CL: May you be guided by Allah on the true path.


Usaamah ibn Taalib.

Jihadis discovering Parkour

Found this in one of the jihadi forums. Cool, isn’t it? If you want to know what Parkour is, just google it – but basically it’s the art to get over obstacles and other stuff that may or may not be in your way. The thing is that if you watch some of these videos, try to imagine what one could do with such abilities to evade the police (when being pursued). Maybe we can expect “Bagdad Parkour” in the near future?

Al-Parkur what the islamists have to say about it:

“the roots of this word originate from Kongo, meaning: the strong man, the strength of the soul or body. It then emerged as a sport in France. Basically it’s getting over humanbuild obstacles [in a urban sense – ‘human fabricated nature’], moving from point X to point Y and then on to point Z in any thinkable possibility, in the fastest way by using the full capabilty of the human body.

By: Jogging, fast-climbing, light movements”

And so on, I do recommend downloading the first video displayed below, as you get a good impression Parkour.

“That’s why this sport is very important especially for the mujahidin in the guerilla-war” – and that’s just another recommendation but not from me.

It’s not just about jumping from rooftop to rooftop, or using jumping tactics to get over highwalls, but it’s an urban extreme sport, developed in the french banlieus by Davi Belle. To find out more about this interesting sport check out these two videos (provided by the jihadis) which are from France:



The ultimative security encyclopedia

What looks to be a movie advertisement from the 80ties is actually the cover of “the encyclopedia of comprising security”. The 118 page strong document is the work of the Jihad Media Brigade, which is a group that has merged with others in order to publish this encyclopedia. The Jihad Media Brigade is just another internet group fabricating movies etc. – as they state, they are just the followers of other jihad groups and – naturally – all of these groups are unified “under the banner of Jihad. We ask God that he may keep all of our brothers, the mujahidin, unified under one banner.”

To take a look at the table of contents:

  1. Security in Quran and Sira
  2. Duty to remain confidentially and secrecy
  3. Computer and Internet security
  4. Data and information security
  5. Secure Phonelines [or connections in general]
  6. Safe handling Weapons and safety measures in the guerilla war
  7. Safety precautions in regard of espionage and intelligence services
  8. Security concerns for the imprisoned and interrogated [meaning being tortured coerced to confess – let’s call it the ibn as-sheikh al-libi phenomenon]
  9. Fatwas [it’s gotta be legal]
  10. Transmissions and conspiciousness [perhabs describing the detection of transfering data and such – will read into the chapter, time allowing]
  11. Seal [last chapter]

Sounds very promising, the jihadis are still trying hard to get more supporters online, and they may be succeding at doing so.

Die Pfeile der Rechtschaffenheit veröffentlichen neues Geisel Video

“Die Pfeile der Rechtschaffenheit” haben ein zweites Video online gestellt, indem sie ihre Forderungen erneuern und auch Österreich als Feind erwähnen.

“Deutschland war in Sicherheit bevor es sich mit den Amerikanern zu dieser teuflischen Koalition gegen den Terrorismus zusammengeschlossen hat” wird von der Geisel verlesen. Passagen wie diese finden sich oft in der einschlägigen Literatur: Es gelten alle Bündnispartner als Feind und jene die sich in die Reihe der Kreuzfahrer stellen, werden ebenso gnadenlos angegriffen. Diese Rhetorik findet sich vor allem in der Stimme des Dschihad, des ersten al-Qa’ida Online Magazines.

Die Geisel “ruft auch Österreich an, die ebenso Kräfte in Afghanistan haben” [Übersetzung des arabischen Schriftzuges, die Geisel berichtet wie sie viele Jahre in Österreich gearbeitet habe – sie sagt dann weiter: “Österreich hat ebenfalls Truppen in Afghanistan und jetzt soll ich dafür getötet werden”].

Anmerkung: quwat: Macht, Kraft, Truppe wird von den Dschihadis oft verwendet, damit werden jedoch i.d.R. Kräfte bezeichnet: militärische, wirtschaftliche und sonstige zivile Kräfte [Angriffe auf Öl-Einrichtungen gelten ebenso als Angriffe auf die “Kräfte der Kreuzfahrer”, so auch z.B. die Entführung von westlichen Individuen].

Die eingeblendete Textebene:

“Die Pfeile der Rechtschaffenheit bestimmen diesen Zeitpunkt, nachdem die Führung dieses Video gesehen hat, damit das deutsche Volk anfangen kann sich in Bewegung zu setzen und jene zurück zu holen, die sich in Afghanistan befinden.

Es wird ihnen nicht geantwortet werden, außer mit der Ermordung der Geiseln. Wir sagen zu dem deutschen Volk: so wie ihr euch nach dem Blut eurer Individuen sehnt [soll heißen: so sehr ihr euch ihre Freilassung wünscht], gibt es ebenso andere [Personen], die sich nach deren Blut sehnen.

Zieht eure Kräfte aus Afghanistan ab!”


Nachdem die Frau erneut um ihr und das Leben ihres Sohnes fleht, beginnt ein Entführer auf Arabisch ein Statement zu verkünden [eingeblendete Textebene: “Erklärung des Ultimatums an die deutsche Regierung von 10 weiteren Tagen]:

Nach der üblichen Einleitung erklärt der Sprecher “diese Frau ist keine normale Frau, die einem Staat zugehörig ist, der ein Feind des Islams und der Muslime sei, deren Kräfte unsere Frauen und Kinder töten (…).

und Österreich ist ein Staat, der dem Islam und den Muslimen gegenüber feindlich eingestellt ist, deren Kräfte ebenfalls unsere Söhne und Kinder in Afghanistan töten.”

Anschließend wird erneut der Abzug der Deutschen aus Afghanistan gefordert, sonst “würde diese Verbrecherin getötet werden”.

Arabische Übersetzung wird eingeblendet während die Forderungen der Geiselnehmer von der Geisel verlesen werden. Auffällig ist, das ausschließlich die Frau redet, sie ist wohl das erkorene Feindbild der Entführer.

IED attack

As-Sahab seems to back after having not posted any new roadside bomb and other videos. Abu Yahya al-Libi issued two as-Sahab videos recently to the jihadi audience – I will post details and screens sometime later.

Bomb attack against an american vehicle is a “classical” IED bombing. Three cars are shown. A black jeep passes what looks to be either a construction site or an obstacle, after that two Humvees go through – the second Humvee is the one being severly hit by the IED.

After that two Humvees go through – leaving a lot space inbetween

The second Humvee gets hit. Notice the tire flying away in the top screen. The IED’s seem to have gained in blast and effectivity, videos from Iraq indicate the same thing: direct and aimed hits using a lot of explosives to carnage the targets.

From al-Maqdisi’s Fatwa Collection

The question issued for al-Maqdisi is the following:

“Is it permissible for me to attend the khutba [prayer] of an appointed imam in one of the mosques which are in Egypt and what are the exact (legal) requirements for this attendance?

What does al-Maqdisi have to say about this?

He does answer “the brother” but first of all refers to his writing, which already has dealt with such a question. This is a series called the “removing the cover from the concealed sharia” – a bit complicated, but it means basically that he is the one who – as a legal “scholar” – makes it clear in his writings about the sharia, the legal rulings and implementations of God, derived from Quran and Sunna, what is permissible and what isn’t.

He goes on stating: “so we, my honest brother, generally despise the acts of such apostate governments, but we do not condem all of them [refering to people who carry out the acts of the gov’s] or declare all of them to be non-believers, furthermore one should regard [the indivuduals in their] function.

-It’s a double-talk thing: do not condem all the Imams, or governmental employed people in the arab countries, as not all of them “have been supporters of the idols (meaninig the governments) or the rulings upon them, which do not inlcude the sharia. But who is an “apostate” and who isn’t? The rhetorik of al-Maqdisis is clear, support the religion and even attend the mass in the state owned mosques, so one can fulfill his religious duty – but “in some of the countries, in which the imam is not in charge and he is in his function, as there is a [secular] division, to respect and follow the laws and duties of the idol (meaning the government), this idol [and these laws] are present in our country.

-the idol, at-taghut: taghut describes a tyrannical leader, or leadership, oppressing the “muslims” and denies “Islam”. It is a quranical term and bears a wide concept behind this term. For example, the al-Qa’ida on the Arabian Peninsula and the Voice of Jihad in general have introduced the taghut and made it widespread. On the Arabian Peninsula, taghut primarily is used for the saudi regime, who are “muslims” only on paper, according to the jihadis, and use “Islam” as an excuse to remain in power while they are backstabing the “muslims”. The concept of taghut has become a normal thing in the jihad literature, basically everything and everyone could be titled taghut: those who do not follow the “true teachings” etc, or use lies to remain in power, etc, the list is long.

So the original question is being redrawn by al-Maqdisi, who asks: “Is it permissible as an Imam to act or take side for the worldy rule [meaning secularity] (…) ?

And to conlcude: “the truth of this standing is that this imam is closer to wordly affairs and furthermore is closest to the taghut, who sets himself next to God and justifies the unbeliev in the islamic religion”

Basically, according to al-Maqdisi, all the Imams in Egypt are to be regarded as traitors of faith, as they support the taghut, and are furthermore apostates, as they are traitors of Islam.

A note, the website (www.tawhed.ws), a huge radical library, seems to be down at the moment, so lets hope it stays down!