The flesh of the Americans

A new video (went online about 2 weeks ago) shows the obliteration of a Humvee in the al-Anbar province (Haditha).

A new development is that after the attack, the camera-crew moves in to thorougly tape the effect of the IED. The camera remains at site at all times and then a group of men move in and obviously enjoy the scene, filming bodyparts etc.

The camera is present at all times – filming how US troops move in to sweep the area, while there are gunshots to be heard.

Shortly afterwards, a crowd of bystanders? And assailants inspect the site and “document” the effect of this extremly powerful IED attack.

The site after the explosion.

“the flesh of the american is all over the place and so are the parts of the Humvee”

The ID-card of the killed Marine.

Pending updates

Please note this blog is not being updated regularly, it is just an attempt to make the jihadi arabic literature and online ‘movements’ comprehensible for non-arabic readers.


Pending updates, lets say coming one after another over the next 2 or so weeks:

  1. One or two chapters of the ‘ultimate security encyclopedia’
  2. Speaking about prison – the case of Abu Nasir al-Qahtani (analysis of the videos innahum 1+2)
  3. Prison Blues II: GIMF and the ‘Alisha Prison
  4. The imprisoned scholars in Saudi Arabia and the case of al-Qa’ida ideologue az-Zahrani (a.k.a. Abu Jandal al-Azdi)
  5. Califate Voice Channel GIMF and the Fath al-Islami in Libanon


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Prison Blues Preview

“Soon – with the permission of God – being confronted with the war of the prisons” (or let’s say prison-wars) by the as-Sahab Media productions.

Being captured or in prison is a essential element in the jihadi literature and ideology – in the famous sawt al-jihad there are numerous articles about the struggle against the enemies and the possibility of falling in the hands of the authorities. The ‘prison-element’ has numerous meanings, besides the constant threat in most arab states for most citizens to be subjected to the local authorities, the jihadis can count on the experience of the ‘scholars’ who were imprisoned in 1995 when they issued their memorandum of advice to the saudi government. These ‘scholars’ (besides other examples) have set a modern prison aspect, a modern example of a Gallileo as descriped by Brecht – recant your writings and be free or stay firm and remain in prison under torture.

Those who stand firm in prison and suffer under tortute and miserable conditions are heroes – with a very psychological effect: God has granted them firmness and has consolidated them, because of their belief and their deeds for the religion. But it is important to differentiate between writers, socalled scholars, and actual fighters, mujahidin.

Prison danger for the mujahidin: when escaping or retreating fail, there are logically only two options remaining: victory or death (in the texts one often reads to receive one of the two beautiful things, wich is either victory or dying for god and thus attaining the shahada). But what happens when the fighter falls alive in the hands of the authorities? Example from Saudi Arabia: In the numerous statements there are countless examples that those fighters who are captured continue their jihad, are being tested by God on a higher decree.

When scholars are captured and later released or freed, there are quickly new PDF documents online to download and read their experience. At the beginning of 2002 the saudi authorities slowy began reacting to the beginning terror campaign by the al-Qa’ida cells and started to work out some counter-terrorism strategies. The above mentioned scholars who were arrested in 1995 had of course some protection: they are known in public and are being respected by great parts of society – so the regime had to deal with them. Nasir al-Fahd, who later issued a fatwa legalising the use of nuclear weapons against the US, recanted his writings publicly on TV and after he was freed recanted his recantations and stated that the temptations set by God to separate the true believers from the less true belivers are part of the wordly human existence on.

Consider this short info a preview, when as-Sahab has published the video I will post substantial information on how imprisonment is actually being considered in the jihad literature, besides the prominent example of Nasir al-Fahd the story of Faris az-Zahrani (Abu Jandal al-Azdi) delievers very good insight on how the prison-factor is dealt with.


IAI and 1920 revolutionary rejoin the islamic state iraq

At least so they claim – or so claims the user ‘sniper of al-jazeera’… taken from the al-hesbah forum.

What it says: from the room of the ansar al-mujahidin: one of the men of the islamic state iraq says the majority of the islamic army in iraq and the 1920 revolutionary fight under the banner of the islamic state of iraq, having sworn their oath to the amir al-mu’minin Omar al-Baghdadi…

Peace and Love from the nuclear guy

The recent documents by the Jihad Media Brigade on how to survive nuclear fallout are translations taken from an canadian site. I thought it might be a good idea to contact the canadian civil defence engineer, who actually wrote the lengthy and detailed article about the 11 Steps to undertake in case of a nuclear blast.

Here is what I wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I just want to inform you that – you probably are aware of this – in a

jihad online forum your data has been published as a ‘handbook’ to seek

shelter and protection from nuclear fallout

( – note: you require

log-in data to access).

I got this e-mail adress right of the document you find attached [the original 11 steps how to survive]. This

data was packed in a compressed rar file with 3 other

documents in arabic, at least 2 are translations (one is an arabic

translation of the U.S. Army Survival Handbook).

Researching and processing radical islamist data, I just

wanted to let you know that the Global Islamic Media Front [actually the Jihad Media Brigade] is spreading

your data throughout islamist online forums,



And here is the reply:

Thank you


That is very interesting.

In actuality,

I am quite pleased –

for anyone –

Islamists, Christians,

Hindus, Buddhists,

atheists, communists,

Russians, Chinese,

Koreans, Japanese,

Africans, Israelis,

Americans, Canadians,

and anyone else that I can name –

to have the information.


I wish everyone –

to be able to survive the nuclear holocaust.

Afterwards –

perhaps those who do

will realize that humanity is one –

and will try to love one another.


Peace and love,

And I didn’t change the layout either – it came in this poetic form…

The thing with Adobe…

It’s nothing new, that the Adobe products are widely used among the ansar al-jihad, or whoever has an online account and knows where to find the online forums. Almost periodically the jihadis post new pdf handbook files how to use Photoshop, one of the first handbooks I have discovered so far was as early as 2003 when the al-Qa’ida cell in Saudi Arabia started to operate (and produce a lot of media files, inlcuding the Voice of Jihad, which became the layout and ideological guideline and is naturally also equipped with pictures, covers – like every professional magazine).

Not suprisingly therefore is:

5 Word to express everything needed for data processing for the internet: adobe.

Please forgive that I cannot provide my humble readers with any download links – other than the jihadi content, Adobe does have a copyright.