Jihadis discovering Parkour

Found this in one of the jihadi forums. Cool, isn’t it? If you want to know what Parkour is, just google it – but basically it’s the art to get over obstacles and other stuff that may or may not be in your way. The thing is that if you watch some of these videos, try to imagine what one could do with such abilities to evade the police (when being pursued). Maybe we can expect “Bagdad Parkour” in the near future?

Al-Parkur what the islamists have to say about it:

“the roots of this word originate from Kongo, meaning: the strong man, the strength of the soul or body. It then emerged as a sport in France. Basically it’s getting over humanbuild obstacles [in a urban sense – ‘human fabricated nature’], moving from point X to point Y and then on to point Z in any thinkable possibility, in the fastest way by using the full capabilty of the human body.

By: Jogging, fast-climbing, light movements”

And so on, I do recommend downloading the first video displayed below, as you get a good impression Parkour.

“That’s why this sport is very important especially for the mujahidin in the guerilla-war” – and that’s just another recommendation but not from me.

It’s not just about jumping from rooftop to rooftop, or using jumping tactics to get over highwalls, but it’s an urban extreme sport, developed in the french banlieus by Davi Belle. To find out more about this interesting sport check out these two videos (provided by the jihadis) which are from France:



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