UBLs barking against Israel and the West continues

Just one day after the announcement of UBLs new message to the “Peoples of the West”, as-Sahab has made the new audio message available to the UBL fans. The audio message that consists of a UBL still has no English subtitles and contains the usual propaganda – why are Muslims terrorists and why those who are supported by the West (and against Muslims) aren’t. For example the founding forces of Israel are seen by UBL as terrorists but have been supported by the West and thus have not been defined as such by the international community. The Muslims however, no matter where, are, when fighting for their rights and religion, automatically terrorists. The message is for a as-Sahab publication bad quality, UBL sounds like having a cold and the audio quality is pretty bad. UBL renounces his former statement that Muslims should rush to Iraq first and then march to Jerusalem – this time it is ok to stay put in Palestine and fight.

UBL is back – 60 years of Israel

Bin Laden is back – once again – and so is onlinejihad.wordpress.com. At least for now – there will be another break over the summer, but then the blog will resume again on a more regular basis. So it seems that UBL just is too tempted to be back in the global media for a short while as Israel celebrates its sixtieth year. The as-Sahab video will therefore most likely have English subtitles to make sure that the majority of the media outlets will understand his message and – so the jihadis hope – receive the attention they demand.

One final word to all those people who keep on e-mailing me: this blog simply tries to make parts of the comprising Arabic jihadi online scene available to non-Arabic speakers. And this blog is neither part of associated with GIMF or any other ragtag organization so please quit asking me to help you go to jihad, although I am always very amused by the screaming wanna-be adults who behave like kids and seem to be mad about something.

Yes, there will be an update when UBLs message is online, until then, your onlinejihad.blogspot.com non-jihadi admin.