Forthcoming Book: “New Approaches to the Analysis of Jihadism” (2011)

Rüdiger Lohlker (ed.), New Approaches to the Study of Jihadism, Göttingen: Vienna University Press 2011


Introduction (Rüdiger Lohlker)

Virtual Jihad: A Real Danger (Philipp Holtmann)

Jihadist-Salafist Creed: Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi’s Imperatives of Faith (Orhan Elmaz)

From Kalashnikov to Keyboard: Pakistan’s Jihadiscapes and the Transformation of Lashkar-e Tayba (Thomas K. Gugler)

Virtual Leadership in the Jihadist Net: Rituals and Communicative Strategies to Guide Online Jihadists (Philipp Holtmann)

Navigating the Forgotten Swamp (Rüdiger Lohlker)

YouTube Jihad: A Rhetorical Analysis of an Islamist Propaganda Video (Bouchra Oualla)

Jihad via Bluetooth: al-Qa’ida’s Mobile Phone Campaign (Nico Prucha)

Worldwide Online Jihad versus the Gaming Industry Reloaded – Ventures of the Web (Nico Prucha)

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After along while… a few brief updates…

Due to a lot of workload the blog had been totally out of date but now, perhaps with the bad weather kicking in, the blog will resume, at least spontaneously on parts of the huge data load of jihadist materials.

Some while ago AQAP Yemen published a couple pictures that may have been taken from a forthcoming video depicting various operations of the Mujahidin in Yemen. The original pictures had Arabic captions and now the al-Ansar Forum has re-published the same pictures with brief English descriptions.

With AQAP having been in control in Lodar, these pictures are sought to undermine how their ground is being defended.

“Image of an attack on a military checkpoint which oppressed Muslim women” . Naturally and ideologically bound as advertised.

Video Update 1/3: “Soldiers of God, part 2” (IMU)

Earlier this week the IMU disseminated a new video, which is part two of the “Soldiers of Allah/God”. The video starts with a sermon by Tohir Yuldashev, who, according to some sources had been killed in a US Drone strike, but could not be verified. Also, in the video, no reference is made to a possible death of Yuldashev who is the unquestioned the leader – as propagandized – of the IMU and a leading ideologue within the group.

Video updates on the recent AQIM and ISI are coming! As usual, the tracking of online jihad stuff is plentiful.

The video starts with a introduction by Yuldashev, who – subtitled in German – addresses his fighters by calling out that now is the time to also be in rows against the infidel in Pakistan, just as much as it is the case for Afghanistan. “The Prophet said, that whoever awakens in the morning without worrying for this umma, does not belong to us. You must burn up due to the anxiety for the umma. And, God willing, He will lead this umma to victory, always be in the first rows of combat!”

The rows of combat/battle and such are a classic concept derived from the rows of the praying that must neither be breached nor fall. It is part of a wider perception of the jihadists that the rows in combat are similar, of course, and bound to key specific concepts of jihadists mindset and ideology.

After the short introduction reinforcing the need to avenge and defend the umma in Afghanistan and Pakistan, various members of the IMU are briefly shown and their corpses are examined in macro shots – a classical jihad video portraying the ‘martyrs’, the “Mujahidin, who died on the path of God”.

All of the captions are in German – “Abdul Hafidh came from Russia in the Summer of 2009. He died on the front of Waziristan-Mehsud” and is examined here, taken care of and such.

Other killed Mujahidin are also shown and later portrayed in the video. The video includes – again with German subtitles – the last testimonies of the killed and in a classical way they reinforce dogmatic concepts of jihadist ideology.

“Mansur Aka: A Fighter, a cook and teacher from Uzbekistan, since more than 15 years at the service of Jihad, fought in Tajikistan and in Afghanistan. He died on the front of Waziristan-Mehsud.”

After making their short statements, addressing their wishes and their firm belief in God and the justice of fighting for the sake of the umma, the corpses are again shown – while a nasheed is playing all the time (in Arabic). Some members are briefly shown, with their function (such as commander, teacher, instructor,…) and then the bodies are portrayed. Suicide bombers, such as “Abdul Azeez” are also shown, who gained some fame within Arab jihadist forums with his suicide operation in Waziristan and the video that comes along with it.

“Student of the Jihad-school “Commander Jumabai” died on the front of Waziristan-Mehsud”.

Also mutilated corpses are shown, that died due to explosions, mines or grenade attacks.

And other fallen Mujahidin, who had been portrayed like “Abdul Azeez” in individual videos are shown again. See my earlier posting on “er kam sah und siegte in jihadist speak”

“He just arrived early 2009 from Germany and died on the front of Waziristan-Mehsud.”

Besides the usual bunch of explosive experts, ideologues, snipers and particularly firm believers the IMU video also highlights its diversity:

“Talha Aka: Fighter and stablehand from Kyrgyzstan, who also died on the [same] front of…” His testimony contains the usual and he speaks out directly to his brothers and sisters:

“to remain steadfast on this path, after recognizing, that it is the true path and that you have been chosen by God from millions of Muslims in this world. God enabled to live with this honor, which value is only known by God and those, who tasted it. We are carrying arms with our hands and should thank God. God will reward the thankful. And those, who do not value the worthiness of being chosen and who leave this path due to some people or needs, must know that the retaliation of God is harsh. Is there another grace after this one? Or is there a bigger honor after this one? Know that this life is a “karama” [a life of dignity in the proper context of alleged correct interpretation of religious sources] and the death that follows it, is a shahada. This is the meaning of “two most beautiful things”, as referenced in the Quran, and our prophet already told us that Jihad is the best of all things.”

After portraying several ‘martyrs’ briefly, the video after 10 minutes shows the IMU leader again, marching proud or sitting in meetings and during prayer. The video continues with military operations, firing grenades, anti-tank weapons and sniper missions (mostly in Waziristan). Also wounded Mujahidin are shown, being taken care of and removed from the battlefield.

“God willing this one will fly to Berlin, or even better, to Washington and God willing it will fall exactly on the White House, destroying it. Cry the takber!” No such video without the usual threats…

… or the usual show of force. One fighters face is not shown, must have forgotten to mask it?

With Mujahidin moving out into the battlefields, there hugged by their brothers after a planning phase and mostly undertake mortar/grenade attacks and in some cases show the impacts.

The video is concluded with another sermon by IMU leader Yuldashev who this time is dubbed by a fluent German speaker. “Our prophet already claimed the victory of the umma, and now it is us, who will pass through this stage. (…) By our sacrificies and our will the Islamic caliphate will be founded. (…) Our goal is not only to conquer Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, no, our is the whole world, the rule is at a whole only Gods and by His rule it must be judged. The idols have taken His rule and shared it among them, with borders they have created. We do not accept this rule and we are conducting a jihad and for us, there are no borders.”

He then goes on to cite a historic source in regard of the ‘paradise women’, who every Mujahid will get once they perish in this world. These ‘women’, the al-Hur al-‘ayn are, quite interestingly, “watching you, so do not make them ashamed” by any lack of energy. “Because when the Mujahidin are on the battlefield and have shaped a row, then the al-hurr al-‘ayn are present and are watching. They are proud when their future partner is breaking through the rows of the enemies like a lion. He who is a wimp, his hurr will be ashamed. The Mujahid lives in a totally different world”, as everything by God is not visible “except when firmly believing it” and cannot be perceived.

Here is a YouTube© link. I am not responsible for uploading the video, I am just sharing the link:






Al-Furqan video online quick look at AQIM and IMU videos

The al-Furqan video “Crusher of the Peshmerga”, or the “destroyers”, the “conqueror” if you will, just went online by ISI’s media outlet, al-Furqan.

As announced yesterday, there is a lengthier posting coming forth sometime this week, when I have the time to do so. It will, however, include the IMU and AQIM video besides this al-Furqan publication.

The IMU video is more or less simply another eulogy of more fallen fighters and it is subtitled in German. Interesting, but nothing that new – most of the killed died, according to the video, in Weziristan and in “Weziristan-Mehsud”. The killed are being portrayed and their corpses shown – some had been trainers and coordinators, other had been simple Mujahidin who are shown in short sequences / testimonies.

The AQIM video (2h total running time) is a bit more interesting and consists of the usual ideological measures with the usual trainings sequences somewhere in the countryside. The usual AQ senior leadership figures come to light and reinforce the over extending ideology and bind this to practical and military implications: fulfilling the true command of God to move out into jihad, as defined by AQ and ideologues such as Abdallah Azzam.

Finally back after long break – back for good, this time

First of all thanks to all the visitors and all the comments. The blog had been virtually and literally shut down since May 2009 and despite the announcement to resume regular updates, the blog remained shut down.

The good news are that onlinejihad.wordpress will resume more or less regular updates, mostly consisting of quick contributions and in parts more comprising pieces. The past months of online jihad had been keeping me quite busy – the comprising writings, statements and videos have increased in recent months and some of the findings may be published here on this blog.

So thanks to all the patient visitors.

A comment on a comment

So I have just received this nice comment by “ishaaq”, feel free to contact our nice human fellow at ishaaq |, who wrote the following:

“trying to mock the people who perform their duties that allah created them for. trust me wallahi the brother you are mocking are in a better place than this dunya. alla you people strive for is just materialistic things and thn you die and then you will go to hell inshallah. allah says in the quran: verily those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder men from the path of allah, they will spend it then it will be exhausted and then they will be defeated. therefore my kuffar friends you are not the first and you will not be the last to try. you are going to remember this little comment when you are in hell fire and you will wail “if only i saw and had intellect, i would not have been of the people of the fire. peace to those who follow the right guidance(islam).”


Let me comment on the comment of ishaaq: there is always a problem with less intelligent people who belief to be something better because they have the “proper belief”. But in your case, dear Ishaaq, you are supporting a rigid ragtag interpretation of Islam and don’t seem to have the wits that there is more out there in the “dunya” which God, lets stick with God, Allah is God just like Dieu, and this blog is still in English, has created. Well your hellfire is your life, that is your problem. And then you aren’t even Muslim enough to understand Arabic and must rely on non-Arabic blogs such as this one. Minus points for you there. By the way the Quran translation you have “blessed” us with is not only wrong but also reveals your stupidity – enjoy your rihla you ignorant wannabe.

Good News, Everyone!

Onlinejihad.wordpress will return these days, after its long break (honestly, just wasn’t in the mood…)

And a message to all those who just don’t want to get it in easy words: this blog not jihad. This blog good. Bored guy making evil Arabic Jihad bullshit available to you… to show the non-Arabic guys what the inhumane, criminal Jihadis are doing on the very open internet. I hope this has been cleared now and that the various people will stop emailing me, asking me whether or not I am a Jihadi myself (what a stupid question… so, read the header…).

Postings are going to be similar to those made in past, short, some screenshots. For the in depth analysis you gotta spend some goodies…

Cheers to everyone from the Planet Express!

Armes “Österreich”

Am Sonntag, 23. September 2007, ist ein Screenshot des Blogs in dem österreichischen Boulevardblättchen “Österreich” erschienen mit der Überschrift “Droh-Video: Jetzt will ein anderer Islam-Aktivist Urheber” sein. (Seite 11)

Direkt darunter befindet sich der Screenshot mit der Bildunterschrift: “Terror für Anfänger: Die simple Website mit der “Stellungnahme.””

Den Blog als “Homepage der GIMF”, als “eine Art Youtube für selbsternannte Online-Gotteskrieger zu betitelten, zeugt von der schlechten Recherche und der schreienden Inkompetenz des Boulevardblätchens “Österreich”. Es ist eine Diffamierung einen Blog, der sich die Aufgabe gestellt hat, die ständig wachsende und ausufernde Zahl an dschihadistischen terroristischen Onlineforen und Homepages, zu beobachten und aufzuzeigen als Homepage der GIMF, bzw. als einen Blog radikal-islamistischer Elemente zu bezeichnen.

Da diese “Journalisten” offensichtlich nicht in der Lage sind, diesen Blog oder das englische Statement zu lesen, bzw. zu verstehen, werden an dieser Stelle einige Punkte klargestellt:

  1. Die auf meinem Blog (nicht Homepage) gelegten Links stammen aus arabischen Onlineforen, die hier analysiert und somit einer breiten Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht werden – dieser Blog soll einen Einblick in das Onlinespektrum der Dschihadis geben.
  2. Lesen und Abschreiben ist schon eine schwierige Sache, denn jener, der diese äußerst schlechte englische Übersetzung online gestellt hat, nennt sich, sowohl in der englischen als in der arabischen Fassung, wobei ich hier die englische Fassung wiedergebe: Ahmed Alwathik-Billah Abu yasin und nicht, wie “Österreich” schreibt “Abu Yasin Ahmed Alwathik Billah” – aber das ist nebensächlich (richten Sie sich in Zukunft nach der Signatur und verwenden Sie diese, andere Schreibweisen die im Text vorkommen, können zwar variieren, sind aber meistens falsch).
  3. Sie behaupten o.g. Person würde sich – wir reden hier ausschließlich von der englischen Fassung – mit seinem Alias “Amir” ausgeben. Ich empfehle ihnen den arabischen Begriff Amir in einem entsprechenden Wörterbuch nachzuschlagen, dann werden sie den Satz “the leader and Amir of The Global Islamic Media Front GIMF” verstehen. Amir ist schlicht ein Oberhaupt, ein Big Boss (um das Vokabular von “Österreich” zu verwenden).
  4. Sie zitieren die Stellungnahme: “Die Regierung sollte sich sogar über diesen offiziellen Kanal zu uns dafür bedanken.” Wie kommen Sie darauf? Im original Text der englischen Fassung ist auf S.2 zu lesen: “on the contrary the Austrian government was supposed to make formal thanks through its official channel to Sawt Alkhilafah and the GIMF for assisting them and providing advice.” – es heißt doch wohl eher “im Gegenteil, die österreichische Regierung hätte sich mittels ihres offiziellen Kanals [ORF?] bei dem CVC und der GIMF für deren Unterstützung und Rat bedanken sollen.”

Wenn Sie meinen Blog weiterhin lesen sollten, dann verzerren Sie nicht das Bild in Ihrem Blättchen – dieser Blog dient allen Interessierten, die des Arabischen nicht mächtig sind, zur Information. Bewußt stelle ich hier nur sehr selten Links aus den radikal-islamistischen-sunnitischen Foren online. Meinen Blog als GIMF Homepage zu betiteln ist eine Diffamierung und sollte von “Österreich” in der nächsten Ausgabe richtig gestellt werden.

Jihadis sind zwar sehr modern und Internetversiert, aber bisher habe ich doch weder ein Forum, noch eine Homepage der Jihadis gefunden, die sich monitoring jihadi online communities nennt, die Wörter “Translations – Assessments – News” sind in dem Zusammenhang auch nicht geläufig.

Um einen Freund aus der IT Welt zu zitieren: “Use your Brain, Version 1.5.”