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IAI and the Islamic State Iraq

April 24, 2007

There is a gap between the IAI and “al-Qaida”.

First, let us take a look into one of the english speaking forum, where “the base” posted the following:

Assalamu alikum,

Today on Al-Jazeera TV, there was a short interview with Dr. Ibrahim Ash-Shummari, the spokeman of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

I’ve never ever expected him to be so rude like this.

He assurred that the Islamic State committed crimes against Muslims, and he called Sheikh Abu Umar to repent and openly apologize to Muslims.

He said he had evidences and witnesses that the Islamic State (he calls it Al-Qaeda, never testified the existance of an Islamic state) soldiers killed Muslims and were criminals.

And one of the most rude part in his speech on Al-Jazeera, he replied back to what Sheikh Abu Umar said when he called the soldiers of the Islamic Army “My sons”. He replied: “And the Islamic Army soldiers are not sons of anyone”!!!!!! Is this a man who fears Allah??

It is so obvious that the Islamic Army in Iraq is a part of a very big intrigue against the Islamic State.

La Hawla wa la qowatta illa billah.


And now lets turn to a arabic speaking forum, where a 2 page WORD document was upped several days ago – the alnusra admin made a statement that no further statements or posts of any kind by the islamic army in iraq will be possible as the IAI has denounced that the Islamic State Iraq simply is the al-Qa’ida organization in Iraq – therefore the alnusra jihad network has ceased to cooperate with the IAI and forbids the IAI to further use the alnusra network to make their claims, announcements and statements of any kind.

IAI: What is to do when you are put in Prison ?

February 14, 2007

The Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) released a new edition today of one of their magazines (al-Fursan). In this 40 paged magazine there is a wide variety of topics, such as the “objectives for the new year”, “what is the victory [for], if one doesn’t serve God?” or “the scent of the shuhada.”

Description and assignment to the beginnings of the war in Islam

As usual, magazines as such, are to serve practical purposes besides the “religious” and “political” chit-chat.

What to do, when one is thrown into prison – a personal report from Iraq. “It [being imprisoned] is inevitable for the temptation and the trial” on which the mujahidin tread – a often used jihadi-rhetoric following the belief that one is fighting for the cause of God and as such every test and every temptation is an experiment, which the faithful must withstand; “just like the bloddshed in the streets.” “This recent experiment goes by in the prisons, and always one with oneself in this regard – there I wasn’t in a big shock (except that I was seperated from my wife and children and that there were news from them… the devil let’s you rott in these regards). My house was raided (11 men and one women where inside).” The Author goes with some details of his arrest. “There is no doubt, that the situation is difficult in the first days [in prison]… this is something new for you.”

“My Brother, you must know that Yusuf was imprisoned… Imam as-Sunna, Ahmad b. Hanbal was imprisoned… Sheikh al-Islam, Ibn Taymiyya, was imprisoned – so who are you, even if you are angry with what God has decided, who has decreed over you, before he had created the world (…) you must know, that you will not exit [the prison] until God wants you to.” The author goes in narrating from his perspective how God has made him firm, even when “they took me to confess, I prayed to God that he would make me strong.”

Recently there has been a number of online sources dealing with “our imprisoned brothers”, a couple of months ago a video surfaced in the radical-islamic forums how the Israeli Defense Force arrested a number of administrators in Gaza. Imprisonment has always been a very important issue in the jihad literature, arabic reports from the shuhada’ in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Hurks provided some insight, but a significant document ist the memorandum issued by Sawt al-Jihad after the arrest of one of al-Qa’ida’s chef ideologes Salman Faris az-Zahrani (a.k.a. Abu Jandal) where the exact same rethoric is used.

Lee’s Life for Lies

February 13, 2007

Lee’s Life for Lies

Lee’s Life for lies – damit wollen die Dschihadis uns zeigen, dass er quasi “einer von uns” war, der sein Leben für ein Gerüst aus Lügen geopfert hat. Das Video ist eine bemerkenswerte Ausnahme der Islamic Army of Iraq (IAI), beinhaltet es keinerlei religiösen Elemente. Die Dschihadis bedauern nahezu den Tod dieses jungen U.S. Soldaten – er war ein ausgesprochener Gegner des Irak-Krieges.

Nachdem er einer Roadsidebomb zum Opfer gefallen war, wurde an seiner Leiche ein USB Stick gefunden, den die IAI verarbeitet hat. Die IAI zeigt auf, dass sie einen Krieg gegen Dick Cheney’s und George Bush’s Amerika führen, aber nicht das amerikanische Volk zum Ziel erklärt haben. Der Film besteht z.T. aus Videoclips die von Lee stammen. Als seine Einheit einen Halliburton Konvoy beschützen soll, kommen kritische Fragen dieses jungen Amerikaners, die die Dschihadis aus einem Word Dokumente angeben zu zitieren. Dieses Word Dokument war ein Brief an seine Familie – darin kritisiert Lee die Bush Administration und zweifelt seine Einsätze für Halliburton an.

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