They day the jihadis stopped loving Aljazeera

What happens when Aljazeera only airs a part of the new UBL tape? The Jihadis get upset. Judge for yourself – Aljazeera aired parts of the audio message “to our people in Iraq” interrupting from time to time to comment on what the UBL just said – we all know the theme from the western media.

That’s the way it was aired on Aljazeera – with the news anchorman popping in here and there – as usual I downloaded the ‘Aljazeera piece’ from one of the jihadi forums.

Just a few hours later, literally all of the forums had been overrun by anti-Aljazeera posts, declaring that channel being a “crusader channel” etc etc. I do not want to comment further on the issue and just put some pic’s up here.

“Why the falsification?” “The Opinion and concealing the opinion of others” – Aljazeera’s motto is “Opinion and the opinion of others”

Here we go again – just image the page long postings to the pictures.


The Ultimate Sniper

Currently in all major forums: The Ultimate Sniper – a book (40MB PDf Scan; English) and a video (with Arabic subs) is ready to download. By Maj. John Plaster, who has been praised by the infamous IAI Juba sniper in his video some time ago:


The 580 page long book provides a detailed insight into sniper operations, for those interested here is a link leading to Amazon

Minbar at-tawhid wa-l-jihad

There is one website on the Internet that has been there for years. Sometimes down, but mostly up, active and running well, it serves as a databank for nearly all the jihad literature one can find on the net. Sorted by author or searchable by any keyword or just browse it by – for example – choosing sawt al-jihad and you can go through most of the hosted articles. That databank is now available as a offline databank, simply download the 500 MB package (with outstanding 300 kb/s) and start the .exe file.

The start page – choose your field or simply search the database

For example Nasir b. Hamd al-Fahd – the infamous author of a fatwa that legitimises the use of weapons of mass destruction against infidels and who compares the use of catapults at the time of Muhammad and the deployment of carpetbombings by the USAF, who kill reluctantly, as reason enough to make use of these WMD in any Western city.

Now all of that is available offline – you can either read the documents in the window of the program,

Choose your chapter, or ‘save’ the WORD document and read it on your widescreen.

A couple of days ago, the ‘al-Furqan Media Productions’ issued just another video featuring a suicide mission. As you can see from the frame of the actual gif banner that is on the main page in most of the radical forums, a truck packed with explosives makes its way to the target. The jihadis are always keen to improve their filming abilities and they have in the past already used several cameras to film the attack from different perspectives, this time, there are 3 cameras in the field that are recording the assault on what the jihadis claim to be a barrack of the National Guard – or as they state “suicide operation against a house, that was taken by the National Idolaters [it’s a game with words in Arabic] as headquarters.”

Camera angle no 3 – this seems to be the front view of the house. The truck entered the complex and exploded on the left side of the building.

Camera no 2

Same angle.

A powerfull explosion, the building is severly hit

Heres the new thing: the attackers do have good equipment and are (mostly) relatively good using it. In this case, severa watchposts on the roof are “highlighted” and you actually see survivors after the attack running to their injured or dead collegues.

The jihadis note in their words: “the apostates evacuate their dead and injured after the arrival of transports [sent by] the crusaders.”

We see daily what deadly and inhumane effects of the ideology of “al-qa’ida” are – most jihadis fight for a more less common cause, specialising in roadside bombs or sniper attacks and pass their knowledge online to their ‘brethren’. But in their religious world, they propably all fight for the principles of the ideology – which is online aswell, growing and subjecting more and more aspects of daily life under a tight organized form of “Islam”. That’s where we gotta get going, to understand and thus be capable to faster recognize radicalization processes.

The Evils of Harry Potter and the Kufr of Magic

95 Minutes [it’s a 22 MB MP3 file – I won’t provide a download link]

Here is the copy-and-paste of the post:

“By Abul-‘Abbaas Moosaa Richardson

An important lecture on the topic of Magic, more specifically how it has found its way in to Muslim homes by way of books, video games and other media, usually under the guise of fiction and educational benefit. The evil characteristics of magic are outlined with examples from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah in addition to an analysis of the Harry Potter phenomena (a magic-laden fictionally trilogy) which has grasped the attention span of children around the world with remarkably ability.

What Prompted this Lecture?

We strongly encourage the Muslims to propagate this lecture, as the subtle and not so subtle magic that opposes our deen and corrupts our communities is often overlooked due to its fictional classification. In addition, it shows the importance of guardianship, being concerned with our children’s time, their books, games etc. Finally, it exposes the evil contained in the Potter series, this lecture was prompted by the fascination of young Muslims in the community with Harry Potter, loving him, admiring him and wanting to be like him – all under the eyes of their parents, unaware or uninterested in what our beloved Muslim children are reading and watching.

From the topics discussed:

Protecting ones’ self and one’s family from the shaytaan

The responsibility of guardianship/parenthood

The verdicts on magic according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah

The types of magic (illusionary and afflictive)

Black magic, white Magic – good and bad magic?

Harry Potter; his character, companions, teachers, passions and goals

Examples of the magic contained in the Harry Potter books

Divination – predicting the future

The position of the sharee’ah concerning fiction”


Alright kids, no more Harry Potter! Keep in mind that in certain evangelist circles, we do find a similar rhetoric about the “master of black magic” Harry Potter – what ever happened to “Little Nick” ?