IED / Afganistan

A couple of days ago as-sahab published another video. An immense IED has been planted and it appears that at lest 5 PMC’s have been killed in Afghanistan. The camera has been positioned some distance away and it is hard to say, but its definetely not the US military that was choosen to be hit, although the 4×4 carrying the mercenaries (or whatever you may or may not call them) was going along with some US mil Humvees, the 4×4 was the target and not any of the vehicles which obviously were US mil.

The Mujahideen of the islamic Emirate [Afghanistan] start building the bomb

The target – 4×4, as known by videos from Iraq to carry mostly national Police, mil units or PMC’s. Keep in mind that this vehicle is part of a columm of vehicles of which most are US mil (Humvees).

Aftermath “cleanup” – luckily there is no secondary explosion set to kill the assisting forces (as done by the IAI and other groups in Iraq and other conflictzones from time to time)

“Thanking God for th result of this operation, the muj slaughter (same verb used to cut peoples head off) a lamb”

Something I haven’t witnessed in any of the jihad videos.

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The Prison-Project

As announced the pending updates are going to go online tomorrow. I will go through the 8th chapter of the “ultimate security encyclopedia” which deals with “the prison factor” –and that will be all, due to the lack of time. As I am very fascinated by the “prison elements” in the jihadi literature, a collegue and I have decided to start a project on the subject and a publication is to be expeced at the end of the year (for starters in German, but a English translation is likely). So, for now, the 8th chapter of the “encyclopedia” will serve as the non-plus-ultra update. As I have more than enough data, you may expect at least a weekly update of the blog.

Flash-Info: new material from Algeria

There have been several developments in Algeria recently, which I neglected to lack of time.

However, the “organization al-Qa’ida in the western islamic countries” has published a 23 page strong WORD document about a week ago, which will be subject of a future post. This document seems to be a very long justification for the recent major suicide attacks on the governmental building in Algiers. I will check it and let you know.

In addition to the dokument a video emerged today, showing the (roadside) bombing of several military vehicles. A video which reminds me of the everyday al-furqan IED attacks on US Humvees. Screenshots and some information will also be published in the near future. – sending donations my way would of course help –

Adam Yahiye Gadahn – a.k.a. Azzam the American: Legitimate Demands

As-Sahab has published another video with this “figure” Adam. Adam who went from hardcore “Christian” to extreme “Muslim” informs us just one more time how evil the USA are and how soon they along with their “crusade” are going to hell.

“The stupied allies are easy prey for the martyrdom seekers” – now lets take a look at the arabic translation, which is shown as a subtitle. The term maryrdom seekers is equivalent to the arabic istishhadiya: meaning those, williing to sacrifices everything in order to approve their belief and to commited everything to religion. Rather hard to translate but important to bear in mind.

Azzam goes on, “you are loosing on all front and losing big time” – clued together with a study of some university, claiming that Muslims worldwide support the actions of the mujahidin.

His demands – in short:

  1. Get everyone out of islamic lands from Afghanistan to Zanzibar– if not, then the “defensive jihad” will continue
  2. Abandon the apostate regimes in the islamic countries – yes, the evil West is behind everything with a zionist-crusader-iranian-indian-conspiracy; if not then it will be sufficient reason to continue to kill Americans
  3. Aid to any lands, such as palestine, and providing support is something like an act of war
  4. Cease all interference with religion, society etc – so that they can establish their shura state, any interference will be answered with 1000 islamic bombs
  5. Put an end to interference in the educational system and islamic media and curriculum – well thought through madman, he goes on demanding to stop broadcasting in our regions
  6. Free all muslim captives from prisons, concentration camps etc – otherwise their legitimate struggle will continue

Saying thanks to the government of Pakistan and the jihad of the 80ties

Another category: the 1980ties jihad against the soviets. I recently had the chance to look at the famous “encyclopedia of jihad” – thousands and thousands of pages on weapons, security, intelligence, espionage, prisons etc.

Most of that are actually translations of US Army and other documents which the West had provided to the Mujahidin of the 1980s to combat the Soviets. But these translations have over time been altered and experience from the field aswell as “tales of soldiers and commanders” have entered these encyclopedias – all of it in Arabic. Now all of these documents are widely availible on the internet, mostly in the radical-islamistic arabic forums. Most of these documents bear the signature of the maktab al-khidmat, a “service office” created by – most prominently – Abdullah Azzam and Gulbiddin Hekmatyar. Together with bin Laden, these offices established lists of recruits, which were the basis for further jihad activity in Afghanistan – the rest of the story is more or less know. Please note that these documents and lists bearing thousands and thousands of names of people who underwent training and combat in Afghanistan are the origin of the name/label al-Qa’ida (the basis).

Its important and quite interesting to go through these documents, most of them are hardly readable as they are scanned to PDF from the original typewriter copies, but importand links can be found.

  1. Typical for the maktab al-khidmat documents are that the first 4 or 5 pages look like the one shown: claiming the aims and giving out credits
  2. Abdallah Azzam is often already mentioned as a shahid, so these documents were renewed after 1989 and bin Laden is mentioned as a big hotshot
  3. Lots of information on military hardware and combat skills show up in the mu’askar al-battar, a military magazine of the saudi cells, published parallel to the voice of jihad.
  4. Not surprising the “religious” ideology has hardly changed, but there are some changes
  5. Not only the basis for the already mu’askar al-battar, but also several concepts, such as the concept of security and safety and “islamic” security perceptions are sometimes identical to the newly released encyyclopedias (such as the “ultimate security encyclopedia)


On page 5 of the document entitled “security and intelligence” the mujahidin thank the government of Pakistan. The Full translation of this page is as follows:

Thanking – God, exalted is he, says: “do not withhold the things of the people, that are their due” [7:85]

One who doesn’t thank the people, doesn’t thank god [hadith]

We thank the government of Pakistan, a government by the people for allowing the arab brethren to stay on their soil, despite of the heavy preassure from the enemies of God because of the victory of their brethren, the afgan-mujahidin.

We ask God may he protect this government [well, things changed today] against the tricks of its enemies and may it remain a reserve for Islam and the muslims – signed: maktab al-khidmat

another video from al-furqan

Another video by al-furqan shows the destruction of a Humvee. A speech held by Usama bin Laden is used as a short introduction, hearing him has become rather rare in past months – after that the IED goes off destroying a Humvee passing by.

The IED’s have improved the past months, different manuals and manufacturing videos online in the radical-islamists forums show, that the jihadis have adapted more and more. Not only US military equipment and vehicles have been studied thoroughly and that information is being exchanged daily. Not only the manuals from the 1980 jihad against the Soviets are a basis but these “encyclopedias” have been updated over time and still are subject to change. [I will post some more info soon]

Something new with these videos: the assailants move in to collect and documente their “booty” – something the mujahidin are always very proud of and which has fundamental religious reasons. All the belongings of the killed soldier, including parts of his foot are displayed here. “Limbs of the heretic crusader along with his memories.”

His belongings are being shown in detail – personal pictures, military badges etc.