Black Hawk Down

The little known group by the name Jaysh al-Mujahidin (the army of the mujahidin) claimed today in several internet forums to have downed a black hawk helicopter. What starts as a couple of muj posing in the iraqi mourning sun with their weapons – later in the video 2 helicopter arrive, 1 apache and 1 black hawk. As the “clash” starts, basically you see and hear the muj firing their guns aimlessly at the targets, they muj claim to have shot or forced the black hawk down – as marked with the red circle. But, there is no smoke development and if you ask me the black hawk is simply landing. The end is marked by a wreckage of a chopper on the ground – hard to tell if the wreckage is recently or now. But there is one, maybe that’s what counts, as it says “one of the wreckages of the black hawk helicopters”.

The mujahidin open the ambush area since the early morning

Looking good?

Making the downing of the black hawk visible, everyone on board was killed – the masters of Nuri al-Maliki

The wreckage of one of the black hawks on the ground [just where else?], north of Baghdad


3 Frenchmen killed and 4 wounded in Saudi Arabia

Today a group of French citizen was attacked close to Mekka. According to, the group consisting of 3 men and 4 French women and two children came under fire when they stopped at a reststop at the highway connecting the cities al-maura and tabukand came under fire by an unidentified car passing by. 2 of the French men were killed instanly and two of the group were wounded, one died shortly after being transported to the hospital.

Ansar as-Sunna roadsidebomb in Baghdad

Here we go again, this time in Baghdad and the strike is –according to ansar as-sunna- directed against a vehicle carrying apostates; Iraqi soldiers who get killed.

Ansar as-Sunna and the everyday attacks in Iraq

Just one operation that got filmed and made it into the internet. Everyday the forums are full of new short clips illustrating the jihadis at work in Iraq – behind every scene there are human lives.

The ansar as-sunna are very active – they seem to have mastered “the art of roadsidebombing” –videos like that are not rare.

Somwhere in Diyala:

Qawafil ash-Shuhada‘ – the carawans of the shuhada’

So just one video more has surfaced about those, who gave the highest possible proof for their belief: they died, fighting on the path of God and hence are the shuhada’ – which should not be translated as martyr! A grave error, which has led to misunderstand the notion of jihad and islamism.

Remembering the fighters who went fighting in caravans. Join the caravan is a famous statement by Abdallah Azzam, the great mentor of Osama bin Laden – this call (ilhaq al-qafila) can be found throughout the jihadi literature; the meaning is clear: the definition of jihad as an individual duty, obligatory for every muslim and to join the existing fight, so join the caravan and gain one of the two most beautiful things: victory or becoming a shahid.

As usual, the impression of “paradise”, or at least something nice and peacefull. In this case, we have a natural view of what seems to be a mountainous area with forest and a river/lake. Just the right place to dwell for eternity?

How one Abd al-Aziz b. Muhammad (Abu Usama al-Iraqi) has defined and published in his book “the craving of the souls for the women of the land of the greatest joy (a.k.a. paradise)” is work in progress, but expect something soon. It’s a wild mixture of being in a peacefull countrystrip with all the female clients around a man can dream of. Unfortunately this is exact the kind of notion many jihadis dream about – why you ask? The sexuality among the male mujahidin is something we do not have a lot of information, so far I have come across a shahid story from Afghanistan where to a certain extend the beauty of battle with the purity of religion seems to be intertwined (work in progress, sorry for that).

The shahid Abu al-Bara’ as-Suri, after his death in Falluja

Looking good for death – after his clean up and exhibition; can you smell the moshus?

Here it gets really interesting. According to another video, where the chap in the background has a vital part of talking, this Hasan al-Makki is wanted by the saudi intelligence community and has died in Iraq according to some sources. I must add, that I will try to get an update on the issue. This could be a valuable example of the two torrents in Saudi Arabia: the al-Qa’ida cells that wanted to continue to operate in Saudi Arabia (such as al-Muqrin) and those who went to Iraq to fight the far enemy there. Hasan al-Makki is supposed to be from Eritrea.

The shahid Abu Nasir at-Tshadi; so this young appretice of the eritrean al-Makki is from Chad. Doesn’t look too happy about his forthcoming operation though.


Transcript of the one and only az-Zarqawi video

The Jihad Media Brigade, which is part of the as-Sahab Media Foundation, has posted the full transcript of the Zarqawi video. This video is the only one that had been published with Zarqawi taking part as bin Laden or Zawahiri regularly do/have done. Of course, bin Laden is not missing, a still is being shown while his speech is to be heard (all in the english transcript as well). Zarqawi’s voice sounds strange – the whole video is a reenacting of his mentors bin Laden and Zawahiri. Sitting in front of the camera, trying to be as serious and profound, he is obviously reading his speech and seems quite insecure about the setting. He is not always clear to understand as his squeky and excited voice goes on informing the viewer about the greatness of the mujahidin. He does close his eyes remarkably often and seems quite insecure about being infront of the camera – but that’s exactly what the terrorists of these days must do, right?

Unfortunately I cannot provide you with a link to his video, which was aired 25.04.2006, but a link to the transcript provided by the Jihad Media Brigade is to be found below. The Jihad Media Brigade come now and then into action, one of their videos was called U.S.A. They are coming, which was released shortly after the Iraq war and showed clips from training and fighting mujahidin from around the world.

Osama bin Laden appears as a still which a speech – to make the abaya (oath) of Zarqawi clear, after some diputes aroused.

The former hustler he is supposed to have been seems quite nervous infront of the camera – trying to reenact OBL and Zawahiri.

Off to the shooting range – a missile is being fired (which have improved since last then).

This what makes the word shura: a council, or if you like, a meeting of choosen leaders, setting new attacks. A laptop is not missing, it is positioned left on the map – for the better planning – probably with google earth on it back then…


Please note: Translating Terror – Work in Progress; notes on the jihadi translation will be released soon, if I find the time, I will go through the transcript, as there are many errors and some wanted one’s: for our western eyes and ears.



Islamic Iraq State claims downing of C-130 in Ramadi

After the recent videos and claims of having downed Apache and Chinook Helicopters, the Islamic Iraq State today claimed to have shot down a C-130 in Ramadi.

Translation of the statement:

Downing of an crusader aircraft, type C-130 in Ramadi:

Basmalla; praise be to God, the lord of the worlds, salvation and peace be with out prophet Muhammad and with his family and all of his companions.

Through God’s kindness an crusader aircraft, type C-130, was downed in the city of Ramadi – the result was that it was destroyed completely, killing everyone who was inside. This was on Wednesday, 14.2.2007 – God is the praise and power.

These operations are part of the al-Karama (dignity, respect, honor) plan, that has been declared by the Amir al-Mu’minin (leader of the faithfull) Abu Omar al-Baghdadi – may God protect him – the leader of the Islamic Iraq State.

-Honor (pride, glory) belong to God, his prophet and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know—[End of translation]

No pictures or video is provided and the media didn’t mention anything aswell. If a C-130 was really shot down by radical elements they would have published at least pictures along with the statement – don’t we know how much jihadis love their cameras…

However CNN arabic confirmes the shooting down of several helicopters by the Islamic Iraq State – this has been all over the news in the past 2 weeks and the jihadis seem very proud that their name Islamic Iraq State is being stated in the arabic CNN report.

Check the NYT on more information about the shooting down of helicopters: