ISI issues “fursan ash-shuhada’ 5”

Basically nothing new, this video shows the testimonies of suicide-bombers who conducted their attacks by different means in Iraq. Bound into the broader understanding of the mainstream al-Qa’ida ideology, the video follows the – in the meantime – basic guidelines of a suicide-bomber video. Starting with a computer animated introduction, showing a bomb laden truck race into a military compound that has a huge cross in the middle, the video then moves into reality and subsequently shows the truck attack in real time later.

In general as-Sahab videos sometimes have animated sequences whereas the viewer boards the suicide truck and heads out to attack. The environmental surrounding does remind a bit of paradise – with the path set and the path set to kill the enemies.

Reminds of other videos with a similar setting.

Should be all set for paradise…

The first three attackers – all of their cover names indicate that they are fathers. One from Mekka, Medina and from Najd, according to these names, all of them came from Saudi Arabia.

The testimonies consist of the usual…

Including the ‘true friendships’ among the mujahidin; suicide bombers get a hug.

The real deal truck bomber strikes.

Another suicide bomber drives his truck bomb into an enemy position during a clash with the mujahidin. Clearing the way with heavy covering fire, the truck races in and explodes.

A number of cameras document the attack – later the mujahidin drive, according to them, through as-Samara’ and film the cheering (male) crowds who cherish the attacks.

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Merry Christmas from the jihadis











In a recent post a number of extremely bloody pictures where shown to underline the actions of the various mujahidin fighting in Iraq for the “Islamic State” and to re-emphasize, once again, that the jihadi resistance is indeed effective. Described as a shaking the grounds of the crusaders a number of pictures, including destroyed tanks, the impression is clear and quick to share: US forces in Iraq are being systematically attacked and even their superior technology is futile. Some of these pictures seem to taken from either the Americans themselves of Iraqi security forces and have somehow been leaked to the jihadis.

Ansar as-Sunna claims to have hacked Microsoft

A poster in an English jihad forum claims that “some Mujahid brothers have hacked the Microsoft servers” – and now all the content is available to anyone in the forum. Showing the programs and providing an in-depth description on how to handle the *.sdc files and make them run, the poster goes on:

“Server is for students can download programs

Microsoft indigenous …

Server is open in all universities in the world for students only …

Server only by special means of a particular group of people ..


We’re going to smash a good day this strange server penetrate the fortress and Encryption …

Yes, I said Fort Encryption immune because all the files closed

Will not be able to open only a special way to take advantage of them and the way ..

Very easy, but remains a major barrier if it can not deciphered …”


According to some of the pictures provided, a or the Ansar as-Sunna seem to be responsible for the hack but the posting does not seem to be on the AS forum.

fursan ash-shuhada’, part 5

The fifth edition of the al-Furqan / ISI issued “Knights of the ‘Martyrs'” just went online after it was announced a short while ago. The “fursan ash-shuhada'” are a series that had been introduced years ago and have since then reappeared from time to time highlighting suicide operations against mostly US forces.

Part 1-4 consisted of mostly gatherings of young men, mostly in houses or / and a military surrounding, showing them saying farewell to fellow fighters and providing the audience with a final statement. The final statement usually consists of the reasoning the attack against outside, infidel, forces and provides a personal side to the general and quite comprising ideology of jihadis and wanna-be jihadis who are content with the presence of Americans and Western companies in general in Iraq.

Be on the lookout for an update soon.

Another call to post ihadists media on youtube – and the jihadi media watch

It is not new that the active and theoretical jihadis – and all their sympathizers and followers – who are members on most of the radical online forums invite and demand from all members in general to participate in disseminating the propaganda that was issued by groups such as as-Sahab, al-Furqan, ISI, AQIM or what have you. A member calling himself Umar ‘Abd al-Hakim issued a posting within the al-Faluja forum on the 24th of November where he explains to the community how to upload videos on youtube. Of course, he is calling out to every member (who naturally have plenty of these videos, mostly downloaded from links issued within these forums) to undertake the necessary steps and flood youtube with plenty of this propaganda material – as this is part of the Islamic da’wa, in order to multiply what the jihadis believe is legitimate material to reach fellow Muslims and also non-Muslims who then can – again, in the mind of the jihadis – be confronted with the “truth” and ideally join “Islam”. After providing parts of the usual hardcore propaganda, al-Hakim asks that the “raid on youtube – why and how?” has to be undertaken and provides some screenshots to make the explanation as easy as possible. The most practical part, so it seems so to me, is that the provided screenshots simply show how to upload any video, even if your English sucks.

So far, that’s just a detailed instruction and the usual ideological frame that underlines the need to act and provide help.

A note on the Mumbai attacks: users also called out and asked “how is it possible for me to participate with my brothers, the Deccan Mujahidin in the raid on Mumbai?” and answeres his own question by posting solutions such as distributing information taken from various sources in non-jihad forums, by using youtube and by publishing pictures and films on sites such as videogoogle et al.

On December 6th another member, calling himself in English “Wanted Insurgent”, of the forum issued a new posting with various screenshots of various sites of newspapers such as the French “Le Point”, “Le Monde”, the Turkish “Dunya” that the posting of al-Hakim has hit the news.

The jihadis are quite skillful when it comes to watching western media sources and are quick to pick up plenty of trails.