A Message from Osama’s son Khalid

You may recall the fuzz that evolved around individuals of Osama’s family having been in Iran, where they had been detained and monitored after they fled Afghanistan? Anyway, here is a letter from Khalid bin Usama b. Ladin to the Iranian Supreme Leader (copy&paste from GIMF, no comments):


From: Khalid b. Usama b. Ladin to Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Subject: A demand for the release of my family imprisoned in Iran.

Date: Friday, Muharram 16, 1431 (1/1/2010)

You have heard the words of my two brothers, Abdur-Rahman and Umar about the imprisonment of some of my family members in Iran as well as their demand to release them. Now I, as well, third their demand and reconfirm their presence in Iran. After the Crusader attack on Afghanistan which centered around targeting specifically the Arab families amongst others, especially at its onset, they were forced to enter Iran through unofficial means, and most of those who did were women and children.

One year after their arrival in Iran, the Iranian intelligence rounded them up. When we heard of this, we wrote to the Iranian government a number of times and even used scholars and other influential people to mediate their release, promising that they would never return to Iran, but all these efforts were of no use. Finally, my sister Iman was able to flee from detention and sought refuge in the Riyadh Embassy in Tehran a few weeks ago. After my two brothers were able to confirm her presence in the embassy, I was surprised that the foreign minister had not known her identity, stating that he had no idea how she entered Iran and how she arrived at the embassy. He had also previously stated that there were no members of my family present in Iran, despite the fact that they have been in custody there for several years. This is a difficult matter to understand. If the minister had referred to the case of my two brothers with the intelligence, he would have known the details of this sad story, and he would have come to know that my brother Sa’d had also escaped, alone, and informed us of the true story: that they requested a number of times to leave Iran, only to be beaten and silenced. If only the intelligent and just had looked into the what he told us of the tragedy and hardships experienced by our families in the prisons and detention centers, which in turn has led to the spread of emotional and psychological disorders amongst the women and children, they would without doubt initiate efforts to release them as soon as possible to relieve this great suffering. Was their only sin that they emigrated in Allah’s Cause seeking His Pleasure? Wasn’t their weakness, the pursuit of international forces of disbelief after them, and their being foreigners in a strange land away from their homes and families enough? To Allah we complain, and He is Sufficient for us and the best Disposer of affairs.


In conclusion, we are waiting for the release of our weak and oppressed families in your custody and to the destination of their choice. We hope we will this in the next few hours, and we ask Allah to make them a way out and near relief.


May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions. And our final prayer is that none is worthy of worthy except Allah, the Lord of all that exists.


Translated by the Global Islamic Media Front


End of GIMF translation.

Thanks for all your comments and e-mails, the blog will – time allowing – resume to a bit more frequent posts…

AQ claims suicide bombing operation of CIA Forward Operation Base Chapman

After a first statement made by the Taliban, claiming the suicide bomber who infiltrated the US Forward Operations Base Chapman in East Afghanistan, killing seven American CIA agents and one Jordanian GID agent, was released within the online outlets, AQ has now stepped up and claims the operation in their name. The Taliban issued a statement whereas the bomber was allegedly either an Afghan army officer or wearing such a uniform, but after some media reports and questions of the role of the two Jordanians involved, it seems that one of the Jordanian GID agents was having a higher sympathy for AQ and he undertook this operation. Several Arab media institutions have highlighted the role of the Jordanian GID and the corporation with the Americans, some fear that “AQ is having a new tactic”, that seems to be quite effective and successful, particularly after the attempted attack on a US bound aircraft.

AQ’s ideology is systematic and highly efficient, that may have led to the decision of the alleged bomber, Humam Khalil Muhammad Abu Malal (aka Abu Dujana al-Khorasani) to turn around and become a ‘double agent’. Abu Dujana was highly active within the jihadist forums and appears in several magazines, including the Taliban magazine as-Sumud, where he reinforces his ideological need to undertake military operations and such. Accordingly he has been praised today by Mustafa Abu al-Yazid in a statement published in Arabic by al-Fajr and in English by the GIMF.

Original English GIMF statement copy and pasted:


“Under the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, may Allah bless and honor it, and in an unmatchable act of courage, faith, resolve, reliance upon Allah, longing to meet Him (U), strong urge to please Him, and preference to what Allah has prepared for him; after patience and hardship, creative and innovative planning, and a successful double infiltration of the infidel enemy intelligence of Jordon and America, while war is ruse, the courageous Mujahid, the medical doctor, Abu Dujanah Al-Khurasani, Humam Khaleel Muhammad Abu Mallal, the famous preacher and writer on Jihadi websites on the internet, a Muhajir and Mujahid in Allah’s Cause with his life and wealth, reached the peak of his efforts, and through the perfect kindness and protection of Allah, he set off towards the enemy, never turning his back, seek glad tidings from Allah. He plunged into the midst of the enemy and carried out a martyrdom operation, detonating his creative and perfect explosive belt which was hidden from eyes of those who do not believe in the Last Day, in the midst of American and Jordanian agents in Khost, Afghanistan, at night time on Thursday, Muharram 14, 1431 H (31-12-2009), avenging our good martyrs, as he himself wrote in his will: “In revenge of the commander Baitullah Mehsud, the commanders Abu Salih Al-Somali and Abdullah Saeed Al-Libi and others of our brothers, may Allah have mercy on them

May Allah have mercy on you, our dear Abu Dujanah, and may He raise your ranks in register of the inhabitants of Paradise. By the Lord of the Ka’bah, indeed you have succeeded, our dear Abu Lailah, Allah willing. You were truthful, and you became known. You set an example, and you were truthful in word and deed. You followed the speakers and writers before you. May Allah be pleased with you . Your patience, Jihad, and tolerance of hardships were in Allah’s Cause. Your prayers and insistency was for Allah, and was your solitude and secret conversation. Thus, your reward is with Allah. Allah is your Lord and Protector, and Allah willing, our next meeting will be in Al-Firdaws Al-A’la, our dear beloved brother.

We ask Allah to bless what you left behind and your family.

Indeed your brothers continue on the path you took. They will never be neglectful, and they will never leave fighting the Americans, until they cause even worse destruction in the most amazing of ways. Let the Ummah be congratulated, and let them be proud of your likes.

Allah is the Greatest, and all praise is for Him.

The concerned media center will tell of his story in a suitable media release, by the Help of Allah.

May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions and all others who follow them in goodness.

The General Command of Al-Qaedah

Mustafa Abul-Yazid

Muharram 16, 1431



Source: Al-Fajr Media Center

Translated by:

Global Islamic Media Front.”


Prior to that writings of Abu Dujana had been reposted and republished in most jihadist online outlets, congratulating the Islamic umma to this effective and severe blow against the US in Afghanistan. The FOB Chapman is, according to various media reports, used to deploy or control drones that hunt and kill militants in the area. Hence the claim of revenge for killed Taliban leaders and AQ military planers as stated by al-Yazid.

He was supposed to lead the CIA to the whereabouts of high ranking AQ leadership members and was placed in proximity to Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is also a medical doctor.

Jihadist forums also issued a statement of the suicide operation. “Our beloved brother sent a decisive message by this fulfilling this unmatched suicide (or ‘martyrdom’) operation to the enemies of Islam, helping that the ansar al-jihad join their intentions by actions” and such. Of course this statement also incorporated highly ideological symbols and references from various religious sources. The jihadist forum will, however, continue to “support our brothers, the mujahidin by the sword, as we support them with the pen” (or postings in that regard). “we will participate in the battlefield” and so forth.

Having been a Jordanian spy, AQ succeeded in turning him around and perhaps the comprising ideology that incorporates to repent ones sin may have been effective in one way or another. Plenty of sources state on how (according to AQ propaganda) former ministry of police men have “repented” and by committing a suicide operation washed their sins away. Their only sin was mostly simply having worked for a non-Islamic government, working against the Muslims and such.

Forum members were quick to – as mostly – create their own pictures to praise Abu Dujana.

Seems like the Aljazeera screenshot was used to provide the portrait picture of Abu Dujana. On the left we see Baytullah Mehsud and Abdallah Sa’id al-Libi.




Drohvideo gegen Deutschland und Österreich

Flash-update zum neuesten GIMF Video;

Der Anspruch des Videos sollte nicht übertrieben wahrgenommen werden, einige bekannte Akteure des weltweiten Dschihads sind zu regelrechten medialen Bannern (neben dem Banner des Dschihad) geworden.

Wieder einmal ein Video aus der Reihe “sawt al-khilafa” – Califate Voice Channel, CVC – wie das Video, das im März 07 online ging.

Nach heftiger Kritik an Yusuf al-Qaradawi hat es sich wohl auch bei der deutschen GIMF herumgesprochen, dass die meisten radikal islamisten arabischen Muslime ihrem ehemaligen lieblings-Shaykh abgeschworen haben – das Video enthält einige islamische und in dem Kontext dschihadistische Begrifflichkeiten die noch einiger Klärung bedürfen – allgemein ist die Rede des (alltbekannten) shirk, dawa, dunya/akhira den die westlichen Demokratien dem “Islam” der Lesart des Westens folgen aufzwingen wollen.

Wiederholte Forderung eines deutschen Truppenabzuges aus Afghanistan.

Angeblich wird die Taliban eine Winteroffensive starten, die ebenfalls im Norden, dem deutschen Teil, Afghanistans zu gewaltsamen Auseinandersetzungen führen soll mit den “Besatzern”.

Österreich ist wiederholt zum Feindesland deklariert wurden – denn nicht nur hat Österreich “unschuldige” Muslime verhaftet, sondern beteiligt sich ebenfalls am Einsatz in Afghanistan (siehe Drovideo März/ Jüngste Verhaftungen in Österreich).

Deutschsprachige GIMF kündigt neues Drohvideo an

Nachdem vor Kurzem die deutschsprachigen GIMF Seiten ausgeschalten wurden, gibt es wieder neue – aber auch in den arabischen Foren ist von der zu erwartenden GIMF Nachricht die Rede. Morgen, Mittwoch, soll also das neue Video der GIMF, das sich direkt an die deutsche und österreichische Regierung richtet online gehen und von der Ankündigung ausgehend bleibt zu erwarten inwiefern sich die Rhetorik verschärft hat oder ob gar diesmal mit Anschlägen in nächster Zeit gedroht wird.

Bezüglich den jüngsten Verhaftungen in Österreich und Kanada

Man beachte das schöne neue Logo der GIMF – vor wenigen Minuten ging diese Stellungnahme in nahezu allen arabischen Foren, die ich so an einem Freitagabend lese, online – vielleicht ein Grund mehr, dem tapferen Admin des onlinejihad.wordpress Blogs mittels der “Make a Donation” Button Geld zu schicken.

Das Dokument gibt es in englischer und arabischer Fassung – wer sich die grausame englische Fassung durchlesen möge, anbei die Links:





Ich erspare mir an dieser Stelle jeglichen Kommentar – nennen wir es eine unglückliche Übersetzung, wobei der Inhalt im Original im Wesentlichen nicht weniger schwachsinnig ist, nur ergeben – ganz im Sinne der dschihadistischen Ideologie – etwaige Formulierungen wie “poor slave to allah” den üblichen “Sinn”.

Al-nusra merged with GIMF

The jihad forum al-nusra merged with the Global Islamic Media Front about 4 weeks ago – the GIMF/al-nusra posted this recently. Keep in mind that the al-firdaws forum and CVC, the califate voice channel, stated their merger some months ago. To give an overview, here is a screenshot of the forum announcement:

All the GIMF related posts look like this screen. Basically it simply announces the merger of “the al-nusra network under the banner of the global islamic media front.” What follows are excerpts from the quran (the believers are brothers) and the usual ideological framework of tawhid.

Poll: What should the mujahidin do?

(of the 9 voters, one vote to “concentrate on more important operations, like capturing bush”)

I am posting the whole “story”, so enjoy the read…

Here is the story related to the poll (copy-and-paste-propaganda of GIMF/CL):


This interview was conducted by the Global Islamic Media Front in the Crusader’s Lands.

Global Islamic Media Front in the Crusader’s Lands (GIMF/CL): It’s quite unusual to be together with a Muslim brother and Crusader’s soldier in one room. Can you tell us how you know each other?

Crusader’s Soldier (CS): I am homeless and have met the brother on a street corner. I have requested this interview.

Muslim Brother (MB): I have been doing Itikaf. After the conclusion of ten days, I was walking home from the Masjid. It was very late at night. I saw two homeless beggars on the street corner; one was old and the other young. As I reached to my pocket, looking for some change, the younger one appeared very frightened saying, “I promise to tell you the truth, I hadn’t kill anyone in Iraq.” I was very surprised and puzzled by this response, as I only intended to give them some money for food.

GIMF/CL: Why did you fear the Muslim brother?

CS: I thought he was from a Mujahedin Assassination Squad hunting down American soldiers who have been in Iraq. I believed the Iraqi Mujahedin told him about me. I wanted to tell him everything. I hoped Muslims can forgive my mistakes. I thought that I should try to correct as much as possible before I was going to die.

GIMF/CL: Are you a member of any Mujahedin Assassination Squad in the Crusader’s Lands? How did you react?

MB: No, I am not a member of any assassination squad. I listened to the young man’s story and it contained details that appeared sincere and truthful. Later, I contacted the Mujahedin in Iraq and they confirmed many of his claims. Hamdulillah, some of the intell collected was useful to the Iraqi Mujahedin.

GIMF/CL: You mentioned to me that you were a guest of the Muslim brothers in the Crusader’s Lands. How were you treated during your stay? Did they threatened or mistreated you in any way?

CS: I want to emphasize that I stayed with them on my own free will. They never threatened me. Actually, they treated me very well. They took me to a safe house under an armed guard and searched me but told me that I was their guest and, if I wanted to leave, all I needed to do is to tell them. They provided me with medical care, gave me new clothing, plenty of good food, and books to read. The place was small but cozy and clean. The brothers treated me respectfully. They allowed me to use their gym and to exercise with them. We did callisthenic every day. I was not used to their schedule, like getting up at 4 am, for example. I was not getting up this early even in the military! I listened to their prayers five times a day and to their Quran recitations. They even found a Quran for me in English, taught me some Arabic and introduced me to Islam.

GIMF/CL: You said that you haven’t killed anyone in Iraq. Yet, you mentioned committing some mistakes. Can you explain that?

CS: After my college graduation, I became a junior business associate in a bank. I did a lot of partying and [alcohol] drinking. My life had no direction. Then, the US Army contacted me with a possible job offer as a police officer, gave me a huge bonus and many guarantees. However, about six months later, I was headed to Iraq–against my will. First, the military shipped me to Kuwait. I was not allowed to leave my unit, go anywhere. They told me I have to kill everyone … men, women, children, young and old.

GIMF/CL: How did you feel about it? How did others in your company react?

CS: I felt betrayed. I became ill and begged them to let me go back. The CO began shouting and calling me a fag and homo. He warned me and said I will be put to prison and raped, if I keep refusing orders. I was so frightened about loosing my humanity, I cried for three days. Others got drunk, some were using drugs, and few attempted suicide, some successfully.

GIMF/CL: Are you a homosexual?

CS: No. It’s a kind of insult. It’s quite common in the American military. If they don’t like you, they make fun of you, call you a fag, and beat you. Officially, no officer would admit that this is happening in their unit but everyone knows about it.

GIMF/CL: How was it like in Iraq? What did you do there?

CS: It was very hot and I was loosing my mind. The company commander told us that the Mujahedin are going to torture us, rape us and cut off our heads. They made me guard a check-point. Once, a bus full of school children was approaching and I was ordered to shot the driver. I aimed my rifle and saw his white beard and wrinkled face through the scope. He smiled and attempted to wave. I froze and was unable to pull the trigger. I just could not kill him. As a punishment, I had to collect dead bodies around Baghdad. At times, this was a very dangerous job, especially at night. Their plan was to have me killed and get rid of me this way.

GIMF/CL: To your knowledge, did the Mujahedin ever torture anyone, did they commit atrocities?

CS: I have never seen or heard of anyone being tortured or raped by the Mujahedin. On the other hand, the American soldiers did commit many atrocities against the Iraqis.

GIMF/CL: What kind of atrocities did the Americans commit?

CS: Some members of my company humiliated and tortured Iraqi prisoners. The point was to take away their human dignity, to break them down. Usually, they got very drunk and went to their cells during the night shift. Also, they raped both the male and female prisoners; some of them were just very young children! I was not allowed inside the prison because they were afraid I may complain or say something.

GIMF/CL: Why did the Americans imprisoned women and children? What had they done?

CS: They had done nothing. They were usually kidnapped, along with their children, from their homes at night. The military believed that the female prisoners may be mothers, wives and daughters of the Mujahedin. The CO hoped that the Mujahedin will claim their women back and get captured when they show up to negotiate their release from prisons.

GIMF/CL: Did you witness any war crimes while driving around?

CS: I usually stayed outside in the streets. Others broke into the homes of ordinary Iraqis. If they were in a bad mood or did not like someone, they shot them. It did not matter, if the person was an elderly, father, mother or newborn. If the babies began crying, they took them by their ankles and smashed their heads till their scull cracked and brains splashed out. If there was a young girl, they tore off her clothes and gang-raped her front of her siblings and parents. Then they shot them all. They took whatever they liked from the homes. If they needed to cover up their atrocities, they threw grenades into the rooms, claiming an attack by the insurgents. They enjoyed the humiliation, rapes and killings, and were really proud of themselves. It was a kind of “SOP” [Standard Operating Procedure]. No questions asked. Ever.

GIMF/CL: Did you ever see any dead Americans?

CS: Yes, every day. We had to collect bodies and other body parts around Baghdad. Some soldiers committed suicides, others were killed by IEDs or RPGs, yet others were captured by the Mujahedin when planting bombs in markets or mosques trying to incite fights between the Iraqis. The strategy was to have the Iraqis keep fighting each other, so we can have their oil. It’s a big money for the American military-industrial complex. [this belief has become quite common among muslims – onlinejihad.wordpress.com]

Also, the Mujahedin offered to exchange our soldiers for the girls and women kept in the prison but the military would not agree to that. So, the Mujahedin killed them. We collected the remains and sent them back to their families in America telling their parents that they are heroes. Their families never learned what their sons really did in Iraq.

GIMF/CL: You come from a relatively well-to-do family in America. You completed a college education. You had a successful business career before entering the US Army. Why are you homeless right now?

CS: I am afraid the military would find me, if I have a home address. They may send me back to Iraq.

GIMF/CL: What would you do, if they find you anyway and send you back to Iraq?

CS: America has been loosing the war for some time now. The military is very desperate for people. If they find me, I will go [to Iraq]. When I get there, if the Iraqi Mujahedin forgive me, I will assist them in their struggle against the Americans. I want to repair my wrongdoings and do what’s right, if I get another chance.

GIMF/CL: May you be guided by Allah on the true path.


Usaamah ibn Taalib.

Stimme des Kalifat Kanal und die Globale Islamische Medien Front

Am 9.3.2007 wurde in den einschlägigen arabischen Dschihad Foren eine Botschaft der Globalen Islamischen Medien Front (GIMF) angekündigt. Wenn es wichtige oder gewichtige Ankündigungen gibt, so werden diese in Form eines GIF Banners, eines graphischen, meist animierten Banners, auf die Startseite des Forums gestellt. In der Regel werden z.B. die Reden von Zawahiri stets auf diese Art angekündigt, und wenn das Video dann online gegangen ist, verlinkt das Banner direkt zu dem Beitrag im Forum, das den Leser teils mit hunderten von Links versorgt. Erklärungen, Statements, gefilmte Selbstmordoperationen, Magazine – das Medien-Imperium der Dschihadis ist professionell und unterneinander bestens verlinkt. In diesem Rahmen findet sich auf die “Stimme des Kalifats Kanals” (CVC) wieder, die jedoch eine Besonderheit der “Berichterstattung” darstellen. Am 6.11.2006 wurde eines, der ungefähr sechs CVC Videos, online gestellt, dass deutsche Untertitel trägt. Dieses Video ist wie alle bisherigen CVC Videos der GIMF zugeordnet. So erscheint das Logo der GIMF mit entsprechender arabischer, bzw. englischer Bezeichung am Anfang bleibt als zirkulierende Animation stehen, während ein Vers aus dem Koran rezitiert wird. Das CVC Video wurde “Aufgrund der Errichtung des islamischen Staates Irak” Anfang November 2006 ausgestrahlt – nachdem Omar al-Baghdadi in einem Video und einem mehrseitigen Dokument diese “Staatsgründung” (15.10.2006) publik gemacht hatte. Etwa drei Wochen später, also am 16.11.2006, wurde das gleiche Video komplett auf Deutsch veröffentlicht. Nicht mit Untertiteln, sondern in einem fehlerfreien Deutsch, wird das Verlesen, was am 6.11 auf Arabisch und mit englischen Untertiteln veröffentlicht wurde.


Stimme des Kalifats (CVC) und GIMF

In einem Internet Post wurde der Zusammenschluss des CVC und der GIMF angekündigt. Diese Meldung erschien in den üblichen Foren und wurde kurz darauf auf Englisch veröffentlicht und trägt den markanten Titel “al-Firdaws InterVision is to merge into Caliphate Voice Channel under the flag of Global Islamic Media Front.” Al-Firdaws (das Paradies) ist ein Dschihad Forum, das über einen englischen Ableger verfügt und im Prinzip die gleichen Videos, Erklärungen und Statements online stellt, wie sie in allen Dschihad Foren vorkommen. Die Ausnahme der englischen Foren ist, dass es einen Tummelplatz für nicht arabisch sprechende zur Verfügung stellt und regelmäßig jene “Brüder bittet beim Übersetzen zu helfen” damit die Gemeinde “gläubiger Muslime” die nicht arabisch sprechen informiert sind über die “Aktivitäten und Erfolge der Brüder, der Mudschahidin.”

Screenshot der am 6.11 veröffentlichten Ausgabe der CVC. Links im Hintergrund ist das Logo des “Mudschahidin Shura” Rates im Irak, während über der rechten Schulter des Spreches das Logo der GIMF zu erkennen ist.

Mit dem zunehmenden propagandistischen Erfolg der Mudschahidin im Irak und der konsequenten Ausrufung “eines Islamischen Staates” unter Führung der al-Qa’ida erschien die “Stimme des Kalifats.” Die “Staatsgründung” solle also ein vereinendes Element für alle “verfolgten und Folter und Zwang ausgesetzten Sunniten” sein und “die Audiobotschaft des Emirs der Organisation der al-Qa’ida und des Organs des Rates der Mudschahidin im Irak, [unter Führung des] Abu Hamza al-Muhajir – möge Gott ihn schützen – führt die islamische Umma in einer Reihe in die kommende Phase heran: das wichtigste der Phase ist die Rolle, die dabei der Irak spielt [indem dieser als] Unterstützung für die Umma aufgebaut wird und das Hindernis [beseitigen helfen soll], das auf diesem Weg widerstand leistet.”

Ein lokal ausgetragener Konflikt, der transnationale und schlußendlich globale Folgen hat – dadurch ergibt sich eine sich stets wiederholende Problematik: Irak ist nur ein Konflikt, der aber global bedingt wurde. Wie es sich mit z.B. Palästina und Tschetschenien verhält ist eine andere Frage…

Es kann kein Zufall sein, dass zu diesem Zeitpunkt zwei Videos (zwei inhaltlich identische Videos, auf Arabisch, Deutsch, Englisch) im Netz erschienen sind, die genau diese Haltung aufgreifen und sowohl den Rat der Mudschahidin in Irak, also dem “Gründungsorgan des Staates” als auch die GIMF inkoperieren (Vgl. Zur Quelle der Daten).

Der CVC erfüllt inhaltlich, wie auch propagandistisch die Haltung dieser “Staatsgründung”: Schutz für die Sunniten, Vereinigung aller sunnitischen Gruppen und – im Sinne der GIMF – alle Gruppen vorzustellen, sei es in Form von einer “Preview” kommender Filme oder Bekanntmachung von kommenden Publikationen.

So wird z.B. “Juba 2 – Bagdad Sniper”, ein Film der Islamischen Armee im Irak vorgestellt und auf die kommende Ghazwa Manhattan (Überfall auf Manhattan) mit deutschen Untertiteln hingewiesen.

Terrordrohungen gegen Österreich und Deutschland – auf Soldaten in Afghanistan, als auch gegen wirtschaftl. und Tourismus-Ziele

Erst hatten die Dschihadis angekündigt, am Samstag um 18h über ihre CVC (Califate Voice Channel) “eine Botschaft an die beiden Regierungen Deutschland und Österreich” zu übermitteln – die Technik (war zumindestens bei mir) im Weg und so wurde die File mal wieder auf die üblichen Server verteilt, ein paar Stunden später. Das CVC hat bisher sich nicht oft zu Wort gemeldet, wurde aber diesmal groß angekündigt seitens der GIMF – in den üblichen Internetforen.


Die Videobotschaft ist mit deutschen Untertiteln, es folgen Auszüge:


Deutschland sei ein wirtschaftlich starkes Land, das seine Truppen nicht in Afghanistan einsetzen solle, denn damit dienen die Deutschen nur Bush und seinen Lügen. Auch wird die Einsatzfähigkeit der Bundeswehr angezweifelt (hier werden Photos der Bild Zeitung dargestellt, die deutsche Soldaten im Graben schlafen und mit Totenschädeln spielen zeigen). Warum also INteressen opfern und gefährden wo doch dieser Einsatz nicht bringt. Denn, so der Sprecher, es werde Anschläge in Deutschland geben, sollten die 2750 NATO Soldaten der BRD nicht abziehen. Der Sprecher widerlegt zwei Ziele der deutschen Bundesregierung: 1. Deutschland ist durch den Einsatz am Hindukusch nicht vor Anschlägen sicher, im Gegenteil! 2. Bundeswehr ist kein wirklicher Gegner und Dadullah, ein Hot-Shot Anführer der Taliban, droht allen Truppen, auch den Deutschen im Norden, mit einer Frühjahresoffensive, bei der bekanntlich 6000 Selbstmordattentäter bereitstehen sollen.


Zu Österreich:

Der Sprecher macht sich tatsächlich über die militärische Präsenz in Afghanistan lächerlich “eure Soldaten sind für unsere Brüder, die Mudschahidin, keine wirkliche Bedrohung, doch sie stellen eine wichtige Unterstützung für Bush und seine Bande da” dazu werden Bilder österreichischer Soldaten gezeigt (in Afghanistan). Und die österreichische Bundesregierung belügt das Volk, denn die Truppen kämpfen mit der Nato obwohl Österreich “ein neutrales Land und kein Mitglied dieser Allianz ist”.

“Wo ist die Neutralität bei der Partei-Ergreifung und der Unterstützung für Amerika gegen die Muslime???”

“Österreich war und ist noch immer eines der sichersten Länder in der ganzen Welt (…) es verläßt sich hauptsächlich auf den Winter- und Sommer-Tourismus (…) doch sobald sich die Lage ändert und von den Mudschahidin bedroht wird, wird sich diese Lage ändern.” Anschliessend folgt eine Einladung “der neuen sozialistischen Regierung” Soldaten aus Afghanistan abzuziehen – “denn Österreich hat keinen wirklichen Nutzen dabei.”

“Zerstört nicht die ganze Sicherheit eines Landes wegen fünf Soldaten, die ihr nach Afghanistan geschickt habt. Wir möchten euch daran erinnern, dass eure Soldaten in der Nähe der Mudschahidin sind. Sie sind ihnen näher als andere (Soldaten).”

“(…) zieht eure Sodaten ab, denn dies ist nicht eurer Krieg (…) dies ist ein Krieg gegen Amerika und jeden der sich in ihre Reihe stellt.”

“Das Geld, das ihr für Bush und seine Leute ausgibt, könnt ihr für die Studenten verwenden, den ihr eurer Versprechen gegen habt.”


“Seid Verantwortungsbewusst und entscheidet das Richtige, und laßt euch diese Chance nicht entgehen, denn sonst werdet ihr den Tag bereuen, an dem euch keine Reue mehr nützt.”


Ich stelle nur einen Link zur Verfügung:



Bilder des Videos:


Botschaft an die deutsche Bundesregierung.

Botschaft an die österreichische Bundesregierung.

Zawahiri, die Nummer 2 (Auszug aus einem älteren Video – “der Weise Mann”).