AQIM issues statement kidnapping 5 EU citizens

In a statement just published on the usual jihadist online fora, AQIM via its al-Andalus media department claims the kidnapping of 5 Europeans and the displacement inside of Mali.
Interestingly, and most threatening for the hostages, is the claim that two Frenchmen among the kidnapped are “French spies”. The statement was published today, 12.12., but is dated to 7.12.
Two operations are claimed, first “in the east of Mali, the mujahideen were able to kidnap two men of the French intelligence”. The names, in Arabic transliteration, are provided with the claim of having conducted the kidnapping on November 24, 2011.
The second operation, on November 25, 2011, in Timbuktu led to the taking of the three other EU citizens whose nationalities are not disclosed in the statement.
In a third note, AQIM denies any attempt of kidnapping foreigners in Algeria at this time.

Why Mali?

While France is the most visible enemy and threat for AQIM, the address and the demands are directed to the governments of Mali and France. The alleged French spies are just another episode in the “continued hostilities” of the respective governments “against the Muslims in the Sahel”.
French and US efforts in combating al-Qa’ida are always perceived and reproduced by the jihadist propaganda as a combined threat and a dual manifestation of the enemy.
AQIM therefore kidnapped foreigners in Mali and keeps them there to exercise pressure on r government of Mali and to punish it at the same time. Concretely, not demands, but issues of grievance prior to the kidnappings are issued:
1. The case of Muhammad al-Amin who was extradited to Mauretania;
2. The case of Abu Sa’id al-Azwadi;
3. Abu Yunus al-Mali;
4. The Mali-Mauretanian joint military operation agains the mujahideen;
5. The rebuilding of an air base inside of Mali used by France to fight the mujahideen by aerial means and measurements.

The statement concludes by the expression of grief, French participation in Afghanistan, the appeasement by Mali to the west by imprisoning and killing Muslims. “if you want the soonest release of our hostages, and to protect their lives, you must answer the legitimate demands of the mujahideen” as is addressed in particular to the government of France.

“Fursan al-Shahada, part 8” highlights Nigeria and Central Africa

Published some hours ago within the usual jihadist forums, the new ISI al-Furqan release does indeed focus on the conflict in Nigeria. But also the infamous minaret-ban in Switzerland is mentioned to portray how Islam and Muslims are being persecuted globally while being deliberately killed in certain zones of conflict (or in occupied territories such as Iraq and elsewhere where the Crusaders are active). Bosnia, Chechnya, Turkistan, the Philippines, Burma and Kashmir are also places where Muslims are under attack and mosques destroyed. With Nigeria being highlighted and introduced (basic geographical information, percentage of Muslims there, natural resources) a computer animated sequence introduces the video depicting a suicide-bomber driving a truck laden with explosives into a US-military base with a giant cross in the middle. Naturally, the cross is first knocked down by the truck before a gigantic animated explosion is set off showing then portrait pictures of the three self-inoculation operatives introduced in the video.

Attacks are being carried out in Iraq, the first attacker is from Saudi Arabia and his testimony “last words” are filmed with the operative behind the wheel of his bomb-rigged car. With the voice of Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi transitioning to Nigeria, once again showing the Aljazeera footage of the execution as well as a Christian preacher who lashes out against the Muslims (according to the Arabic translation). By all means Islam is under attack, the work of NGO’s are, of course, part of a greater plan to indoctrinate Muslim children and to further distort the true message of Islam.

Statements of the Mufti of Nigeria Ibrahim al-Husayni shown whereas the problem between Christians and Muslims are rather of tribal, economical and political nature. During his statement, which is also taken probably from Aljazeera, the video shows again and again the shooting sequences.

Scenes from AQIM’s video are introduced, showing the training of Mujahideen in some dessert while an AQIM member from Nigeria speaks out. The second self-inoculation operative in Iraq is then being portrayed, receiving his farewell hugs, working on IED’s and being accompanied by the voice of deceased AQI leader al-Muhajir and al-Baghdadi. His testimony was filmed in a living room like setting, striking out against the Christian-Crusaders, the Americans and the apostates. Children can be heard in the background. Followed by the testimony, the video shows Obama speaking at West Point and attacks the European Union, the partner of the US and the west as a whole with all its problems (economical (Lehmann Brothers), natural (BP Oil spill, Islands Vulcan)) and highlights Obama’s words who said that the US cannot deal with the problems by itself.

Subsequently the third operative is introduced (Saudi-Arabia) who seems to have himself blown up at a fortified road checkpoint.

The video ends with an address on how Muslims can help and what their obligations are.

New “Fursan al-Shahada” Video about Nigeria?

In October 2010 AQIM published a video, “The Raid of al-Damus“, regarding the situation of Muslims in Algeria but also in Libya and Nigeria. The video shows revenge operations against the Algerian police and National Army soldiers, ambushed on Algeria’s remote highways. These attacks not only took place to fight the infidel regimes in the region but particularly to avenge the execution of unarmed, detained civilians by the Nigerian army. AQIM takes this as proof to further justify its deeds and military operations with sequences of Abu Yahya al-Libi and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the video.

The scenes, it seems, have been taken from Aljazeera and put in motion in the AQIM video in its propagandized surrounding. Aljazeera describes the sequence as

“Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive footage from Nigeria which shows unarmed men being shot dead. The footage was taken last year when the Nigerian government was hailing its defeat of an Islamist rebel group known as Boko Haram.” The video shows the shooting of detainees in public by the Nigerian army (2:00) which has appeared in AQIM’s video.

“Muslims annihilated in Nigeria – The Crusader army kills Muslims in cold blood”. On the bottom right the al-Andalus media logo.


Corpses of Algerian soldiers are depicted in detail. Ambushed for their service for the Crusaders as well as their participation in upholding un-Islamic regimes as well as being responsible for killing Muslims.

What has this to do with ISI and the forthcoming video “Fursan al-shahada, 8” ? While part six was all committed to self-inoculation attacks in Iraq to “support Turkistan”, this 8th edition seems to be about killing and undertaking operations in Iraq for the sake of Nigeria. Alert forum members pointed out that the picture, as it appears with the remark “soon” shows pictures of the above mentioned massacres:

Forum member “BomBer” graphically points out that these two stills are from the massacre in Nigeria. Started by a user naming himself “Mullah Abu Omar” started the thread with “Walid al-Sharqawi” responding “the brothers in charge for the publication have previously focused on various circumstances of Muslims, such as in occupied Turkistan (west China) by the communists, after the massacre [further] violating the rights of Muslims there. And in this video the focus will feature the land of the Hausa, “Nigeria”, remembering the Muslims who are being tyrannized by many different means, inciting the Muslims in “Nigeria” to carry weapons. And God knows best.”

A note on the AQ threat regarding the 2010 World Cup

Much has been revolving around the alleged AQ threat to attack the 2010 World Cup. While various sources claimed the origin of the threat was issued in a statement clearly broadcast by the African AQ branch, AQIM, others did not clarify this issue at all.

The problem is, that the validation of the source can be clearly attributed to AQ’s ongoing online jihadist endeavor that is quick to issue empty threats with greater effect, but the threat in direction of the World Cup in 2010 has been issued in a clear language with precise naming of the most favored soccer teams. But that may not mean much, I caution the reader to recall the fuzz that evolved after notorious Bekkay Harrach issued his threat message that something will happen two weeks after the German elections. Nothing happened. Germany has been ever since more in the focus and the jihadist anonymous online ranting but AQ didn’t bother to comment on the absence of the promised attacks. Rather, the online sympathizers had a good time posting on how the German government just spend millions of Euros for nothing while “imagining security that cannot be provided” according to the jihadists dreamers.

The threat this time was not issued in a involuntary funny video like in Harrach’s threat but in a 2 page long article in a online jihadist magazine entitled “al-Musthaqun ila l-Janna”. In the meantime this is edition number 5 of a magazine based publication that started in October last year when it dedicated its first issue to the annihilation of Jund Ansar Allah by Hamas in the Gaza Strip (see my blog I posted plenty of stuff on that subject). Also a graphical reaction on Harrach’s threat is portrayed. While the first edition already stated that its a new online jihad based magazine to inform the umma and report the truth and so on, the fifth edition now seems of being a special on AQIM, as the cover already indicates:

As indicated on the cover the reference to the article is already made: “The global AQ organization in regard of the World Cup”.

The article itself is written by Ibada bin al-Samat, who depicts the World Cup as “part of the ongoing campaign of the Crusaders against Islam.” Underlining arguments are that Muslims are being prevented to move out into jihad by being stuck in front of the TV set due to the soccer events. Furthermore, each individual soccer player is violating the monotheistic foundations of God, as people may be more inclined to praise their favorite soccer player then God… basically a very easy and quite polemic article, nothing new out of the jihadists hard disk here.

The logic is, while Crusader forces are killing innocent Muslims, two countries meet on the soccer field. So what will the media report? The games are made up anyway, so “America may grant Algeria to win [on the soccer field]!! Then the Arab country will feel a great victory over America. The country that supports Israel, that occupies Afghanistan and Iraq and rules over the Arab Peninsula. America, the country that prevents, bans, kills and wages war!!”

The article then goes on the brag that AQ will be able to smuggle explosives despite all the security measures into the stadiums, just as it was able to get the wanna-be suicide bomber Faruq with explosives onboard a US bound aircraft and just as much as Assiri, the wanna-be sucidebomber assassin was able to get his explosives into the office of Saudi Prince Nayef. Just as much Abu Dujana is being praised, who “fooled the mightiest intelligence agency in the world and who killed senior CIA agents as well as their Jordanian colleagues.” A multitude of jihadists perception is deployed to imply that the World Cup 2010 is not safe and that 50 grams of explosives would be enough just as in the case of Faruq.

An attack on the World Cup would of course have the impact the jihadists are hoping for and which is part of their strategy. “Dozens, hundreds would be killed. 50 grams are sufficient for such an operation. All security measures will fail including the body-scanners America will install after having read this article. They won’t find out how we get the explosives into the stadium.”

The groups A, D and F are highlighted, as these are countries of special jihadist interest: France (A), Germany (D) and Italy (F). “All of these countries participate in the Crusader-Zionist campaign against Islam. (…) We will bring the war into your stadiums.”

Page two of the article is accompanied by a picture of a dead child, killed in Indonesia, where “Muslims have been forgotten and are suffering under the Christians.”

Al-Furqan video online quick look at AQIM and IMU videos

The al-Furqan video “Crusher of the Peshmerga”, or the “destroyers”, the “conqueror” if you will, just went online by ISI’s media outlet, al-Furqan.

As announced yesterday, there is a lengthier posting coming forth sometime this week, when I have the time to do so. It will, however, include the IMU and AQIM video besides this al-Furqan publication.

The IMU video is more or less simply another eulogy of more fallen fighters and it is subtitled in German. Interesting, but nothing that new – most of the killed died, according to the video, in Weziristan and in “Weziristan-Mehsud”. The killed are being portrayed and their corpses shown – some had been trainers and coordinators, other had been simple Mujahidin who are shown in short sequences / testimonies.

The AQIM video (2h total running time) is a bit more interesting and consists of the usual ideological measures with the usual trainings sequences somewhere in the countryside. The usual AQ senior leadership figures come to light and reinforce the over extending ideology and bind this to practical and military implications: fulfilling the true command of God to move out into jihad, as defined by AQ and ideologues such as Abdallah Azzam.

AQIM issues demands for release of French hostage

AQIM has just issued their demands for the release of the kidnapped Frenchman. In this statement

“the two governments, Mali and France are addressed by the Mujahidin with their conditions and demands to release P.K., the kidnapped Frenchman.

First, we demand the release of four of our prisoners, who have are imprisoned by the state of Mali since a number of months. We are giving France and Mali an ultimatum of 20 days, starting with the date of this statement to fulfill our demands. If by the end of it, the two governments are solely responsible for the faith of the life of the French hostage… “

The short statement is concluded by the usual imaginative hope, namely that AQIM is “calling upon the French public and the family of the kidnapped to exercise pressure on the government Sarkozy” unlike the errors made by the British government Brown in the past.

AQIM issues statement, photographs of kidnapped Italian tourists

AQIM just issued a statement showing a picture of the hostages and their scanned passports. The women has been – as in the past with female hostages – been made unrecognizable in the pictures.

As in the case of the kidnapped Austrians, the full names are stated and in addition the passports of the victims have been scanned and published as well in AQIM’s statement that was issued via their media arm al-Andalus.

Kidnapped on 18 December 2009, as a reaction “to the crimes of the government of Berlusconi arriving in the center of Islam and of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq” and while “the Italian people vow to continue their support the new occupational crusader wars against our territory and to wage war against our sacrosanct sites.”

The Mujahidin demand for their release that the Italian people exercise pressure on their government…

And to the crusaders they say that “your security and the safety of your citizens is bound to our umma and to the safety of our Muslim brothers”.

The statement is dated to the 26th of December 2009.

Taken from the majority jihadist forums:

Above another al-Andalus video is being advertised for and will be published shortly. Below that the headline linking to AQIM’s statement followed by a al-Furqan reaction to the Somali jihadist announcement of having created their own (another one…) media department al-Kata’ib.

The recent attempted attacks in the US is shown, linking to a number of postings by sympathizers who react.

AQIM demands Abu Qatada release, threatens execution of hostage

According to an unofficial statement released in the forums, the release of Abu Qatada al-Filastini from UK prison is demanded by AQIM; otherwise Edwen Dyer, one of the abducted tourists, will be beheaded. Here is the translated posting, which is not an official one and which is allegedly by Abu Muhammad al-‘Uthmani, a “soldier of AQIM to the British dogs and their apes”:

[Begin of released parts, in English by poster]

“Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

و هذه ترجمة لمقطع العزّ باللّغة الإنجليزيّة

So, we ask the british government to release the oppressed shaykh Abu Qatada – May Allah protect him – in return of the british citizen’s release. We give them an ultimatum of twenty days from statement’s publishing day, to respond to our demand, otherwise the mudjahedeen will execute the british captif (ُEdwen Dyer). And excuse the one whom warn”