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After his as-sahab video debut in mid January, Harrach, aka Abu Talha al-Almani, just surfaces again. This time “Islam and the Financial Crisis” is his hot topic.

One Forum member, just downloading this video too, stated his hopes for the “destruction of Germany”.

AQIM issues statement, claims to have kidnapped the missing European tourists

First a Youtube audio message surfaced, then some hours later a ‘proper’ statement was issued. Here is a translation:

“During a time, where the evil of the Jews, Christians and apostates has allied with one another, they attack Islam and its people on every territory.

In a time in which the sons of France, the servants of the Americans, cooperate and support them in the tasks of [fabricating] lies against the mujahidin, thus a joyful message is sent by us to the Muslim umma – the success of the Mujahidin in realizing two different operations, within the territory of Nigeria.

The first operation: The Muj had been able, since two months, to hold two renowned Canadian diplomats kidnapped. The first one is Robert Fuller, former ambassador and special envoy in Niger, the second one is Lewis Guay, former ambassador in Gabon.

The second operation: On 22 January the Mujahidin were able to kidnap four European tourists, in Nigeria:

Edwyn Dyer, British; Marianne Petzold, German; Werner Greiner and Gabriella Burco Greiner, Swiss.”

The statement then goes on to claim that the hostages will be treated according to sharia law and Islam – and that the fight for the umma and the Muslims, against the tyrants, will continue. It is signed by the “Media Council of AQIM, 18.02.2009.” Pictures follow:

Women are, as in the case of the kidnapped Austrians, rendered unrecognizable

As-Sahab Video shows attacks in Peshawar, Pakistan

The categories of this non-regularly updated blog must be refashioned… as as-Sahab is of course al-Qaeda’s media wing on a global scale, even if it may (at least great parts) be based in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

German as-Sahab video (last post) will be updated.

This is just a quick information that the attacks in Peshawar, Pakistan, directed against the US resupply lines for Afghanistan has been “made” into another as-Sahab jihad video that was released today. Al-Yazid, as seen in the banner, seems to be directing the ideological justifications for the hit and run attack against Western and American compounds in Peshawar, from which the troops are being supplied. Supply lines are naturally a target of great interest. The Taliban and others have been publishing various video material over the course of years online, showing their successes at attacking, pillaging and / or destroying supply trucks in particular that are transporting goods in general (perhaps?) throughout Afghanistan.

There will be an update on both videos by early next week – times are busy.