IAI and the Islamic State Iraq

There is a gap between the IAI and “al-Qaida”.

First, let us take a look into one of the english speaking forum, where “the base” posted the following:

Assalamu alikum,

Today on Al-Jazeera TV, there was a short interview with Dr. Ibrahim Ash-Shummari, the spokeman of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

I’ve never ever expected him to be so rude like this.

He assurred that the Islamic State committed crimes against Muslims, and he called Sheikh Abu Umar to repent and openly apologize to Muslims.

He said he had evidences and witnesses that the Islamic State (he calls it Al-Qaeda, never testified the existance of an Islamic state) soldiers killed Muslims and were criminals.

And one of the most rude part in his speech on Al-Jazeera, he replied back to what Sheikh Abu Umar said when he called the soldiers of the Islamic Army “My sons”. He replied: “And the Islamic Army soldiers are not sons of anyone”!!!!!! Is this a man who fears Allah??

It is so obvious that the Islamic Army in Iraq is a part of a very big intrigue against the Islamic State.

La Hawla wa la qowatta illa billah.


And now lets turn to a arabic speaking forum, where a 2 page WORD document was upped several days ago – the alnusra admin made a statement that no further statements or posts of any kind by the islamic army in iraq will be possible as the IAI has denounced that the Islamic State Iraq simply is the al-Qa’ida organization in Iraq – therefore the alnusra jihad network has ceased to cooperate with the IAI and forbids the IAI to further use the alnusra network to make their claims, announcements and statements of any kind.

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