IED attack

As-Sahab seems to back after having not posted any new roadside bomb and other videos. Abu Yahya al-Libi issued two as-Sahab videos recently to the jihadi audience – I will post details and screens sometime later.

Bomb attack against an american vehicle is a “classical” IED bombing. Three cars are shown. A black jeep passes what looks to be either a construction site or an obstacle, after that two Humvees go through – the second Humvee is the one being severly hit by the IED.

After that two Humvees go through – leaving a lot space inbetween

The second Humvee gets hit. Notice the tire flying away in the top screen. The IED’s seem to have gained in blast and effectivity, videos from Iraq indicate the same thing: direct and aimed hits using a lot of explosives to carnage the targets.

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