The ultimative security encyclopedia

What looks to be a movie advertisement from the 80ties is actually the cover of “the encyclopedia of comprising security”. The 118 page strong document is the work of the Jihad Media Brigade, which is a group that has merged with others in order to publish this encyclopedia. The Jihad Media Brigade is just another internet group fabricating movies etc. – as they state, they are just the followers of other jihad groups and – naturally – all of these groups are unified “under the banner of Jihad. We ask God that he may keep all of our brothers, the mujahidin, unified under one banner.”

To take a look at the table of contents:

  1. Security in Quran and Sira
  2. Duty to remain confidentially and secrecy
  3. Computer and Internet security
  4. Data and information security
  5. Secure Phonelines [or connections in general]
  6. Safe handling Weapons and safety measures in the guerilla war
  7. Safety precautions in regard of espionage and intelligence services
  8. Security concerns for the imprisoned and interrogated [meaning being tortured coerced to confess – let’s call it the ibn as-sheikh al-libi phenomenon]
  9. Fatwas [it’s gotta be legal]
  10. Transmissions and conspiciousness [perhabs describing the detection of transfering data and such – will read into the chapter, time allowing]
  11. Seal [last chapter]

Sounds very promising, the jihadis are still trying hard to get more supporters online, and they may be succeding at doing so.

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