AQIM issues statement, photographs of kidnapped Italian tourists

AQIM just issued a statement showing a picture of the hostages and their scanned passports. The women has been – as in the past with female hostages – been made unrecognizable in the pictures.

As in the case of the kidnapped Austrians, the full names are stated and in addition the passports of the victims have been scanned and published as well in AQIM’s statement that was issued via their media arm al-Andalus.

Kidnapped on 18 December 2009, as a reaction “to the crimes of the government of Berlusconi arriving in the center of Islam and of Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq” and while “the Italian people vow to continue their support the new occupational crusader wars against our territory and to wage war against our sacrosanct sites.”

The Mujahidin demand for their release that the Italian people exercise pressure on their government…

And to the crusaders they say that “your security and the safety of your citizens is bound to our umma and to the safety of our Muslim brothers”.

The statement is dated to the 26th of December 2009.

Taken from the majority jihadist forums:

Above another al-Andalus video is being advertised for and will be published shortly. Below that the headline linking to AQIM’s statement followed by a al-Furqan reaction to the Somali jihadist announcement of having created their own (another one…) media department al-Kata’ib.

The recent attempted attacks in the US is shown, linking to a number of postings by sympathizers who react.

AQIM demands Abu Qatada release, threatens execution of hostage

According to an unofficial statement released in the forums, the release of Abu Qatada al-Filastini from UK prison is demanded by AQIM; otherwise Edwen Dyer, one of the abducted tourists, will be beheaded. Here is the translated posting, which is not an official one and which is allegedly by Abu Muhammad al-‘Uthmani, a “soldier of AQIM to the British dogs and their apes”:

[Begin of released parts, in English by poster]

“Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

و هذه ترجمة لمقطع العزّ باللّغة الإنجليزيّة

So, we ask the british government to release the oppressed shaykh Abu Qatada – May Allah protect him – in return of the british citizen’s release. We give them an ultimatum of twenty days from statement’s publishing day, to respond to our demand, otherwise the mudjahedeen will execute the british captif (ُEdwen Dyer). And excuse the one whom warn”

AQIM issues statement, claims to have kidnapped the missing European tourists

First a Youtube audio message surfaced, then some hours later a ‘proper’ statement was issued. Here is a translation:

“During a time, where the evil of the Jews, Christians and apostates has allied with one another, they attack Islam and its people on every territory.

In a time in which the sons of France, the servants of the Americans, cooperate and support them in the tasks of [fabricating] lies against the mujahidin, thus a joyful message is sent by us to the Muslim umma – the success of the Mujahidin in realizing two different operations, within the territory of Nigeria.

The first operation: The Muj had been able, since two months, to hold two renowned Canadian diplomats kidnapped. The first one is Robert Fuller, former ambassador and special envoy in Niger, the second one is Lewis Guay, former ambassador in Gabon.

The second operation: On 22 January the Mujahidin were able to kidnap four European tourists, in Nigeria:

Edwyn Dyer, British; Marianne Petzold, German; Werner Greiner and Gabriella Burco Greiner, Swiss.”

The statement then goes on to claim that the hostages will be treated according to sharia law and Islam – and that the fight for the umma and the Muslims, against the tyrants, will continue. It is signed by the “Media Council of AQIM, 18.02.2009.” Pictures follow:

Women are, as in the case of the kidnapped Austrians, rendered unrecognizable

A note on the “righteousness” of the jihadis – and their religious education

The latest al-Qa’ida statement from North Africa, AQIM, is simply a memoranda of their recent operations and task. So it is not really interesting, as most of these “news flashes” contain the usual, such as claiming to have attacked military convois of the Algerian government with the results being listed and so on.

Interesting about this specific memorandum however is, that following the title, we read the following:

” Praise be God, who said: “Fight them! God will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will strenghten the chests of those, who are believers.” Peace and” etc.

The grave error is, that the jihadis have included, as mostly, to underline their “knowledge”, the number of the Sura, or its name and the number of verse. In this case, the jihadis give us the name of the sura : number of the verse, which is, according to AQIM: at-Tawba : 111.

Well, that is close, but it is rather the 14th verse of the 9th sura. The 9th sura, the surat at-tawba, the “repentence”, is one of the suras which is frequently cited in parts by the various jihadis and plenty of ideological material written by the “Godfathers of jihad”, including ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam, have 9:111 as a basis for their rhetoric and arguments regarding the neccessity to wage jihad on “the path of God” and so on.

Point is, that the jihadis and their numerous sympathizers quickly bark at all those who they believe are misguided and they firmly believe that they are “the people of the truth”, being tested by God in a universal fight of “good vs. evil” – and whenever they make a grave mistake such as this one, the jihadis are very quiet indeed.

Members in the forums should question the religious endeavor of their heroes a bit more and perhaps take a look themselves at the religious sources from time to time…

The statement was issued as a posting in the forums – published by al-Fajr.

Flash-Info: new material from Algeria

There have been several developments in Algeria recently, which I neglected to lack of time.

However, the “organization al-Qa’ida in the western islamic countries” has published a 23 page strong WORD document about a week ago, which will be subject of a future post. This document seems to be a very long justification for the recent major suicide attacks on the governmental building in Algiers. I will check it and let you know.

In addition to the dokument a video emerged today, showing the (roadside) bombing of several military vehicles. A video which reminds me of the everyday al-furqan IED attacks on US Humvees. Screenshots and some information will also be published in the near future. – sending donations my way would of course help –

Algeria: „The Hell of the Apostates”

Some time after the announcement that the GSPC has merged with al-Qa’ida a very professional made video surfaced in the internet by the title “The Hell of the Apostates, part 2”. Part 1 is of similar contend and has the identical layout, however part 2 is just way better made and consists only out of 1 file (464 mb).

After the February 14th release of the series “the Shades of the Swords” I have found many similarities to the mentioned series “The Hell of the Apostates” – in both videos the same layout appears and it seems that the same person(s) have created these videos.

Therefore several examples:

This is a still from the latest video; after the ambush on a army unit, the Mujahidin have taken several weapons and ammunition as well as other equipment as booty. The booty is an important thing for the salafist, as they believe to follow Muhammads example and the quran (sura at-Tawba and al-Anfal) by doing so.

“Booty of the Mujahidin in this raid: machine-guns, ammunition and phones/ communication devices.


Also inbetween scenes there are overviews of what is to come. Here for example there is the title (explosion of two mines) and the following categories:

Type, what is to come and whats the (alleged) result.

Whenever there is a clip or a scene of a new assault, there is always the seperator with the texy layout and information shown.




To compare that to the series “the Hell of the Apostates”:

Just as above, there is the booty of the Mujahidin after this raid: 09 machine-guns, ammunition and communication devices.






nearly identical layout and almost same text-level

place/ target/ booty for the Mujahidin