AQIM demands Abu Qatada release, threatens execution of hostage

According to an unofficial statement released in the forums, the release of Abu Qatada al-Filastini from UK prison is demanded by AQIM; otherwise Edwen Dyer, one of the abducted tourists, will be beheaded. Here is the translated posting, which is not an official one and which is allegedly by Abu Muhammad al-‘Uthmani, a “soldier of AQIM to the British dogs and their apes”:

[Begin of released parts, in English by poster]

“Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

Shaykh’s liberation or Dyer decapitation

و هذه ترجمة لمقطع العزّ باللّغة الإنجليزيّة

So, we ask the british government to release the oppressed shaykh Abu Qatada – May Allah protect him – in return of the british citizen’s release. We give them an ultimatum of twenty days from statement’s publishing day, to respond to our demand, otherwise the mudjahedeen will execute the british captif (ُEdwen Dyer). And excuse the one whom warn”

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