AQIM issues demands for release of French hostage

AQIM has just issued their demands for the release of the kidnapped Frenchman. In this statement

“the two governments, Mali and France are addressed by the Mujahidin with their conditions and demands to release P.K., the kidnapped Frenchman.

First, we demand the release of four of our prisoners, who have are imprisoned by the state of Mali since a number of months. We are giving France and Mali an ultimatum of 20 days, starting with the date of this statement to fulfill our demands. If by the end of it, the two governments are solely responsible for the faith of the life of the French hostage… “

The short statement is concluded by the usual imaginative hope, namely that AQIM is “calling upon the French public and the family of the kidnapped to exercise pressure on the government Sarkozy” unlike the errors made by the British government Brown in the past.

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