AQIM issues demands for release of French hostage

AQIM has just issued their demands for the release of the kidnapped Frenchman. In this statement

“the two governments, Mali and France are addressed by the Mujahidin with their conditions and demands to release P.K., the kidnapped Frenchman.

First, we demand the release of four of our prisoners, who have are imprisoned by the state of Mali since a number of months. We are giving France and Mali an ultimatum of 20 days, starting with the date of this statement to fulfill our demands. If by the end of it, the two governments are solely responsible for the faith of the life of the French hostage… “

The short statement is concluded by the usual imaginative hope, namely that AQIM is “calling upon the French public and the family of the kidnapped to exercise pressure on the government Sarkozy” unlike the errors made by the British government Brown in the past.

New al-Furqan video announced

“Crusher of the Peshmerga” – al-Furqan, the media outlet of the Islamic State of Iraq announced today a new video will be forthcoming soon. In the past al-Furqan has already published various filmed operations against the Peshmerga, in and around Mosul and Kirkuk, which belong to the Kurdish, according to their understanding. The last ISI video was – as mostly – a quite comprising show of its ideology bound to alleged operations, lets see what this video has in store this time.

Abu Dujana on YouTube

Didn’t take long for the video being uploaded on YouTube – by multiple users on multiple channels, re-publishing the video over and over again. Abu Dujana’s video as it was published within the jihadist forums and Abu Dujana repeats his statement to “strike at the US, within and without” its territory.

More congratulations to the bombing of the US base in Khost, Afghanistan

Just another note on another congratulation done by one of the higher level members of just another jihadist forum, by a “general director” called Abu Ayman. He congratulates the

“lion for the blessed outstanding operation, the beloved high spirited and daring Humam Khalil Muhammad Abu Malal Abu Dujana al-Khorasani, may God accept him as a shahid who destroyed all the intelligence services and crushed their images and their security measures of which the Crusaders and their henchmen are so proud of, after its shaking and crushing down of their image [as being effective], that had been destroyed by his brother ‘Umar al-Faruq al-Nigeri.

On this pulpit we congratulate the general media command of jihad and on its leader the Shaykh Abu ‘Abdallah Usama bin Laden, we also congratulate the wife of the shahid as we deem him to be, but only God has the authority to judge upon him, and we incite ourselves and our brothers that the calls [to move out into jihad] either lightly or heavily, for that we may become active part of Mujahid works, contributing to the support; for that we may not be [passive] spectators, abstaining from jihad and being leftover.”

The short posting is concluded by eulogizing remarks, asking God to accept Abu Dujana into the highest level of Paradise and such, while praising his endeavor and his mission again.

And again… we find some fan art to go along with such initial postings that lead to longer threads with most members simply congratulating or repeatedly overstating their happiness about such operations and messages. But some of the user are uploading their own pictures – as we see here: Islamic State of Iraq logo in combination with the picture that the creator has stolen from Aljazeera or other media outlets.

Father sure to identify son in video

According to the al-Quds news magazine, that states Reuters as a source, the father of the CIA Forward Operations Base bomber Abu Dujana al-Khorasani, known by his real name Humam Khalil Malal al-Balawi, is convinced that it is indeed his son in the video. The video was disseminated earlier and shows Abu Dujana next to Hakimullah Mehsud in a video eulogizing and calling out to avenge the killed Taliban leader Baytullah Mehsud.

“The father Khalil al-Balawi said that he was deeply hurt when he saw his son in the video earlier today, assuming that the US repression against the Islamic world and injustice turns any person into such a behavior mode that the Americans are killing innocents and children.

Abu Dujana Video

Within the usual jihadist forums a video now has been released showing Abu Dujana speaking about his allegiance to UBL and Baytullah Mehsud, who was killed and for whom he undertook the suicide mission killing seven CIA agents and one member of the Jordanian intelligence service. This 90second long video was released earlier today.

Abu Dujana extensively speaks out to revenge Baytullah Mehsud and eulogizes Baytullah Mehsud, while sitting next to a quite Hakimullah Mehsud, who is acknowledged by Abu Dujana as the legitimate new leader. He addresses “this message to the enemies of the umma, the intelligence services of the US and Jordan, I am a migrant on the path of God” and thus he set out to fight the very enemies he just mentioned. “I am a mujahid on the path of God, not selling religion”. “Our amir, Baytullah Mehsud, we will not forget you, by God we won’t forget you, ever!” UBL is also praised, who, according to Abu Dujana “is not within our territory”.

In another video, taken from Aljazeera, short sequences of Abu Dujana are shown as well, that appear not in the original video above.

Baytullah Mehsud’s corpse – and the successful revenge operation against a high value target of the enemy, committed by Abu Dujana.

There is probably more material to be expected in the near future.

Fan art rolling in…

With the one and only picture suicide bomber of the US Forward Operation Base Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan, the first pictures in a stylish version disseminated in jihadist forums are increasing. The picture of Abu Dujana al-Khurasani, as he was known within jihadist writings, but known under his real name Humam Khalil Abu Malal al-Balawi in real life, is being – as usual – eulogized and re-published in various ideological formats. Here are two recent examples:

“Tearing / burning down the fortress of the Americans”