More in regard of FOB bomber Abu Dujana

With approval, praise and statements coming from al-Yazid, one of the “general command” members of AQ, the GIMF and of course the forums, now al-Fajr is issuing another edition regarding the “last writings of the mujahid Abu Dujana al-Khurasani”, who blew himself up on 30 December 2009 in FOB Chapman in Khost, Afghanistan, killing seven CIA agents and one Jordanian intelligence agent.

His wife has in the meantime, according to The Jordan Times, addressed how proud she is:

“The wife of a double agent who killed seven CIA officers in a suicide attack in Afghanistan said on Thursday her husband regarded the United States as an enemy and she was proud of his mission.” (

There will be more eulogies, perhaps a video, writings and postings within the forums in the coming weeks ahead of us.

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