New statement from AQ in regard of attempted X-Mas bomber

In the name of the (originally Yemeni – now Arab Peninsula) AQ media outlet Sada al-Malahim (“The Echo of Fierce Battles / Massacres / Heroic Epics / …”) issued another, short, statement in form of a posting in the Jihadist forums:

Again, the same picture, nothing new – however, Faruq is being congratulated again for his actions. A bit bizarre, Faruq’s status is actually “istishhadi”, despite the fact that he didn’t proceed in killing himself in the aspired ‘martyrdom’ operation. But the effort is celebrated of his “unprecedented operation in the American aircraft , having departed in Amsterdam, Holland, on the way to the US city of Detroit.” His Parents are also congratulated. The father did report his son to the authorities… again, somewhat bizarre, but what counts it the feeling of having archived something while in motion of ‘defense’ and ‘restoration’ as set by the comprising AQ ideology.

The Sada al-Malahim logo beneath the congratulatory names of the elite of international jihadism – ranging from UBL and Zawahiri to the Yemeni leadership under al-Wuhayshi as well as Abu Yahya al-Libi from Afpak and the rising star (that has already credentials) ‘Atiyat Allah al-Libi.

“We love you by God oh responsible heroes of al-Malahim – for it’s the organization of AQ… for the religion of God defending and for His sharia seeking.”

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