Abu Dujana Video

Within the usual jihadist forums a video now has been released showing Abu Dujana speaking about his allegiance to UBL and Baytullah Mehsud, who was killed and for whom he undertook the suicide mission killing seven CIA agents and one member of the Jordanian intelligence service. This 90second long video was released earlier today.

Abu Dujana extensively speaks out to revenge Baytullah Mehsud and eulogizes Baytullah Mehsud, while sitting next to a quite Hakimullah Mehsud, who is acknowledged by Abu Dujana as the legitimate new leader. He addresses “this message to the enemies of the umma, the intelligence services of the US and Jordan, I am a migrant on the path of God” and thus he set out to fight the very enemies he just mentioned. “I am a mujahid on the path of God, not selling religion”. “Our amir, Baytullah Mehsud, we will not forget you, by God we won’t forget you, ever!” UBL is also praised, who, according to Abu Dujana “is not within our territory”.

In another video, taken from Aljazeera, short sequences of Abu Dujana are shown as well, that appear not in the original video above.

Baytullah Mehsud’s corpse – and the successful revenge operation against a high value target of the enemy, committed by Abu Dujana.

There is probably more material to be expected in the near future.

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