The Ultimate Sniper

Currently in all major forums: The Ultimate Sniper – a book (40MB PDf Scan; English) and a video (with Arabic subs) is ready to download. By Maj. John Plaster, who has been praised by the infamous IAI Juba sniper in his video some time ago:


The 580 page long book provides a detailed insight into sniper operations, for those interested here is a link leading to Amazon

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Sniper

  1. juba ılove you, long live baassist ıraq long live juba,long live turk-ıraqi frendship,Salam Saddam,ALLAH rahmet eylesin yüce Saddam Hüseyin’e

  2. it doesnt matter wich side open fire… learn from differents experiences its the best way for reach the target.

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