Minbar at-tawhid wa-l-jihad

There is one website on the Internet that has been there for years. Sometimes down, but mostly up, active and running well, it serves as a databank for nearly all the jihad literature one can find on the net. Sorted by author or searchable by any keyword or just browse it by – for example – choosing sawt al-jihad and you can go through most of the hosted articles. That databank is now available as a offline databank, simply download the 500 MB package (with outstanding 300 kb/s) and start the .exe file.

The start page – choose your field or simply search the database

For example Nasir b. Hamd al-Fahd – the infamous author of a fatwa that legitimises the use of weapons of mass destruction against infidels and who compares the use of catapults at the time of Muhammad and the deployment of carpetbombings by the USAF, who kill reluctantly, as reason enough to make use of these WMD in any Western city.

Now all of that is available offline – you can either read the documents in the window of the program,

Choose your chapter, or ‘save’ the WORD document and read it on your widescreen.

7 thoughts on “Minbar at-tawhid wa-l-jihad

  1. Actually I’m writing a PhD thesis about the “owner” of the site, al-Maqdese.
    It seems strange that he actually doesn’t support (anymore?) much of the actions done in the name of the ideology.

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