A couple of days ago, the ‘al-Furqan Media Productions’ issued just another video featuring a suicide mission. As you can see from the frame of the actual gif banner that is on the main page in most of the radical forums, a truck packed with explosives makes its way to the target. The jihadis are always keen to improve their filming abilities and they have in the past already used several cameras to film the attack from different perspectives, this time, there are 3 cameras in the field that are recording the assault on what the jihadis claim to be a barrack of the National Guard – or as they state “suicide operation against a house, that was taken by the National Idolaters [it’s a game with words in Arabic] as headquarters.”

Camera angle no 3 – this seems to be the front view of the house. The truck entered the complex and exploded on the left side of the building.

Camera no 2

Same angle.

A powerfull explosion, the building is severly hit

Heres the new thing: the attackers do have good equipment and are (mostly) relatively good using it. In this case, severa watchposts on the roof are “highlighted” and you actually see survivors after the attack running to their injured or dead collegues.

The jihadis note in their words: “the apostates evacuate their dead and injured after the arrival of transports [sent by] the crusaders.”

We see daily what deadly and inhumane effects of the ideology of “al-qa’ida” are – most jihadis fight for a more less common cause, specialising in roadside bombs or sniper attacks and pass their knowledge online to their ‘brethren’. But in their religious world, they propably all fight for the principles of the ideology – which is online aswell, growing and subjecting more and more aspects of daily life under a tight organized form of “Islam”. That’s where we gotta get going, to understand and thus be capable to faster recognize radicalization processes.

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