The flesh of the Americans

A new video (went online about 2 weeks ago) shows the obliteration of a Humvee in the al-Anbar province (Haditha).

A new development is that after the attack, the camera-crew moves in to thorougly tape the effect of the IED. The camera remains at site at all times and then a group of men move in and obviously enjoy the scene, filming bodyparts etc.

The camera is present at all times – filming how US troops move in to sweep the area, while there are gunshots to be heard.

Shortly afterwards, a crowd of bystanders? And assailants inspect the site and “document” the effect of this extremly powerful IED attack.

The site after the explosion.

“the flesh of the american is all over the place and so are the parts of the Humvee”

The ID-card of the killed Marine.

One thought on “The flesh of the Americans

  1. G-d’s speed to LCPL Mario. I am confident the Marine Corp will have to go through more compassion traning to understand the terrorists. BTW, I sure hope those moon god worshippers are getting three hots, and a cot at GITMO. I would not want them to be offended by us Infidels.


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