another video from al-furqan

Another video by al-furqan shows the destruction of a Humvee. A speech held by Usama bin Laden is used as a short introduction, hearing him has become rather rare in past months – after that the IED goes off destroying a Humvee passing by.

The IED’s have improved the past months, different manuals and manufacturing videos online in the radical-islamists forums show, that the jihadis have adapted more and more. Not only US military equipment and vehicles have been studied thoroughly and that information is being exchanged daily. Not only the manuals from the 1980 jihad against the Soviets are a basis but these “encyclopedias” have been updated over time and still are subject to change. [I will post some more info soon]

Something new with these videos: the assailants move in to collect and documente their “booty” – something the mujahidin are always very proud of and which has fundamental religious reasons. All the belongings of the killed soldier, including parts of his foot are displayed here. “Limbs of the heretic crusader along with his memories.”

His belongings are being shown in detail – personal pictures, military badges etc.

2 thoughts on “another video from al-furqan

  1. Here’s another one of those jerks that likes to post video of Americans getting killed, Katteebjihad:

    I have been successful in getting YouTube to delete several of his videos, but they have yet to get rid of him.

    One that just made me sick to my stomach was of two U.S. soldiers standing around, then a gunshot is heard, and one of them crumples to the ground. Thankfully, that was one of the videos that YouTube removed.

    Well, keep up the good work.


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