Pending updates

Please note this blog is not being updated regularly, it is just an attempt to make the jihadi arabic literature and online ‘movements’ comprehensible for non-arabic readers.


Pending updates, lets say coming one after another over the next 2 or so weeks:

  1. One or two chapters of the ‘ultimate security encyclopedia’
  2. Speaking about prison – the case of Abu Nasir al-Qahtani (analysis of the videos innahum 1+2)
  3. Prison Blues II: GIMF and the ‘Alisha Prison
  4. The imprisoned scholars in Saudi Arabia and the case of al-Qa’ida ideologue az-Zahrani (a.k.a. Abu Jandal al-Azdi)
  5. Califate Voice Channel GIMF and the Fath al-Islami in Libanon


Any wishes? Contact me at onlinejihad AT gmx DOT net (to avoid spam)

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