Al-Falluja forum announces new styles: al-Ekhlaas and al-Hisbah

Notorious jihadist online forum al-Falluja announced today, that the “beloved jihadist forums al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah” will resume their ‘livelihood’ being hosted via al-Falluja. ‘Livelihood’ as al-Falluja uses its own content but provides the nostalgic online jihadist with alternative “styles”, those of the two forums. This shows that these two forums had been indeed very beloved and praised. Al-Falluja would not be, however, if Ekhlaas and Hesbah hadn’t been taken down. Al-Ekhlaas and al-Hesbah had both been taken down prior to the jihadist ‘day of celebration’ on 11 September 2008 after several administrators had been arrested in Saudi Arabia. Both forums had not resumed operations, despite having been around and alive for years. There are, however, some rumors that some kind of al-Hesbah offspring was later run by US Intelligence agencies to spy on jihadists and deploy counter-propaganda (

“This is to anger the enemies and bring glad tidings to the online jihadist communites”… you get the picture.

So the yellow bound al-Falluja is green dominated in the al-Hesbah theme.

5 thoughts on “Al-Falluja forum announces new styles: al-Ekhlaas and al-Hisbah

    1. may Jesus cast you into the burning fire with all the other dogs of your kind !! We are made and coming after your ass!!!!!!!!! God bless the church of Christ….

  1. kann man auch als nicht muslim, in einem Camp ausgebildet werden und mit den jihadisten kämpfen in afghanistan zum Beispiel?

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