Peace and Love from the nuclear guy

The recent documents by the Jihad Media Brigade on how to survive nuclear fallout are translations taken from an canadian site. I thought it might be a good idea to contact the canadian civil defence engineer, who actually wrote the lengthy and detailed article about the 11 Steps to undertake in case of a nuclear blast.

Here is what I wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,


I just want to inform you that – you probably are aware of this – in a

jihad online forum your data has been published as a ‘handbook’ to seek

shelter and protection from nuclear fallout

( – note: you require

log-in data to access).

I got this e-mail adress right of the document you find attached [the original 11 steps how to survive]. This

data was packed in a compressed rar file with 3 other

documents in arabic, at least 2 are translations (one is an arabic

translation of the U.S. Army Survival Handbook).

Researching and processing radical islamist data, I just

wanted to let you know that the Global Islamic Media Front [actually the Jihad Media Brigade] is spreading

your data throughout islamist online forums,



And here is the reply:

Thank you


That is very interesting.

In actuality,

I am quite pleased –

for anyone –

Islamists, Christians,

Hindus, Buddhists,

atheists, communists,

Russians, Chinese,

Koreans, Japanese,

Africans, Israelis,

Americans, Canadians,

and anyone else that I can name –

to have the information.


I wish everyone –

to be able to survive the nuclear holocaust.

Afterwards –

perhaps those who do

will realize that humanity is one –

and will try to love one another.


Peace and love,

And I didn’t change the layout either – it came in this poetic form…

One thought on “Peace and Love from the nuclear guy

  1. This to me is quite interesting… now I reside in the West, but I am not one to support the actions of our government or our military in Iraq. There has to be one way to peace, from every side of the spectrum. What I think it comes down to is control, every one wants to control some one or something, some where in the world. I just wish there was peace entirely, our earth can only sustain so much corruption and I am certain that the USA is at the top teir of the control of it.

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