Denmark again will try to be less polemic and more serious once again – but what would the world be without fun?

I found this picture in an arabic speaking jihad forum “a new picture mocking the prophet by the danish and disfiguring him”:

“There is no power and no might except with God – look at the sons of the monkeys and pigs” [well it’s a classical jihadi synonym for christians and jews]

(…) we ask God that (…) that he may rise the banner of Jihad [over the authors] one by one. Written by the christians: [here follows a translation of the description of the picture – play as if you are…]

May God damn those, who play with the figure [obviously our friends don’t catch the joke…] and those who made up the picture ( I don’t believe the crazy company will sell a lot of these [again: didn’t get the joke]) .

Oh Brothers! Renew your boykott of danish products – [and so on and so forth… what follows is the “usual complaining” excuse me for keeping this rather short, as it contains no explicit threats against Denmark or the Danes.]

So that’s what happens when you have photoshop, an idea and an internet connection: you piss some jihadis off who actually believe that the evil danish company Lego has joined the “danish conspiracy” against Islam (?)

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