Islamic Iraq State claims downing of C-130 in Ramadi

After the recent videos and claims of having downed Apache and Chinook Helicopters, the Islamic Iraq State today claimed to have shot down a C-130 in Ramadi.

Translation of the statement:

Downing of an crusader aircraft, type C-130 in Ramadi:

Basmalla; praise be to God, the lord of the worlds, salvation and peace be with out prophet Muhammad and with his family and all of his companions.

Through God’s kindness an crusader aircraft, type C-130, was downed in the city of Ramadi – the result was that it was destroyed completely, killing everyone who was inside. This was on Wednesday, 14.2.2007 – God is the praise and power.

These operations are part of the al-Karama (dignity, respect, honor) plan, that has been declared by the Amir al-Mu’minin (leader of the faithfull) Abu Omar al-Baghdadi – may God protect him – the leader of the Islamic Iraq State.

-Honor (pride, glory) belong to God, his prophet and to the believers, but the hypocrites do not know—[End of translation]

No pictures or video is provided and the media didn’t mention anything aswell. If a C-130 was really shot down by radical elements they would have published at least pictures along with the statement – don’t we know how much jihadis love their cameras…

However CNN arabic confirmes the shooting down of several helicopters by the Islamic Iraq State – this has been all over the news in the past 2 weeks and the jihadis seem very proud that their name Islamic Iraq State is being stated in the arabic CNN report.

Check the NYT on more information about the shooting down of helicopters:

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