Al-Furqan shows the attack on Humvee

Well, yesterday, another al-Furqan video went online showing the attack on a Humvee. This nightoperation is one roadside bombing more. The reason I’am posting this is because of what a member wrote as a reply to the attack (yes, links of the video are at the end of this post):

Saif Usama wrote (this is his avatar on the left side):

[After the verses 14-15 from the sura at-Tawba] God is the greatest, the excalted and powerfull

May God bless our brothers in this regard with goodness – may God grant you wellbeing and andvantage

O Lord be with our brothers, the mujahidin – be supportive and aidfull

O Lord, I pray to you for the supremacy of the religion, for the victory over the enemy and for the misfortune of the enemies

O Lord let the oppressors rule over the oppressors and let the mujahidin exceed unaffected

May God grant you victory O you heroes of Islam and protectors of belief.

O Lord direct our bullets and make our legs firm.

Not you threw, wenn you threw but God had thrown 8:17 – just image the throwing as firing as bullets et al.

We ask God to protect you…



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