Sawt al-Jihad – Introduction

Nurturing the notion of Jihad – a very short introduction

As early as 2003 the Mujahidin of the Arabian Peninsula, also known as the Organization of al-Qa’ida on the Arabian Peninsula, began to spread their concept of belief and concern of their perception of the notion of Jihad by using the Internet. The first al-Qa’ida online magazine Sawt of Jihad (SAG) grew globally – in PDF or WORD format. The magazine is divided in different sections and categories – providing justifications for the actions of the Mujahidin as well as a general call for Jihad, asking the “youth of Islam” to join while insisting in the same time to attack western targets and inviduals within the Arabian Peninsula.

Sawt of Jihad (the Voice of Jihad) managed to publish 29 editions, nearly 1300 pages in total and is also a pioneer to use the internet to publish ideos, audios and more. It served as a information source for all those interested and for those interested in participating in Jihad and defines a clear legal background to do so. Divided in many different sections, the Mudschahidin frequently gave statements about their operations, such as the attack on the U.S. Consulate, these “after action reports” still exist on the internet, one of the last reports was released on 27.2.2006 after the Jihadis attacked an oil-site in the Saudi city Baqiq (Abqaiq).

The main theme throughout all the 29 issues (no.30 went online on 8.2.07) different authors command the removal of all infidel elements from the “land of the muslims”. This is a rhetoric which has spread since – throughout the internet which provides the global context. The year 2003 was not only startingpoint for most jihad activites in Saudi Arabia but it was the start of the Iraq war.

This call, to expell all infidel elements, has become a key element in the jihadi literature and ideology. SAG has empowered the legacy (wasiya) of the prophet, who, while on his deathbed, issued the order for all believers to “expell the mushrikin from the Arabian Peninsula.”

A Mushrik is a person whose belief to the one and only god is distracted – by what means ever, may that be by statues, pictures or saints. So the notion of “expelling the mushrikin” became the guideline to combat everything that had been and is defined as un-“islamic”. One of the most prominent figures who fought for the objective to “liberate the land of the two holy sites (Saudi Arabia)” was Abdal Aziz al-Muqrin. He was not only the leader of the al-Qa’ida on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) but also frequently commented and wrote articles for the SAG. After abducting and beheading the american Paul Johnson in 2004, saudi authorities began hunting him down and started their campaign against AQAP. Although al-Muqrin was killed in a shoutout.

SAG served – again – as the communication device for the jihadis: not only had the execution of Johnson been filmed and posted on the internet, prior to the execution demands were issued and justifications were spread. After the death of al-Muqrin SAG immediately responded by making a statement about the “death of our brother al-Muqrin and his brothers”.

Not only the cited hadith of the Prophet, to “expell the mushrikin” is used to serve the purpose of the mujahidin but also the connection to the third Caliph Umar, who defined this statement, this testament, as an order to remove anyone who is not a muslim from the arab land. This notion regained popularity with the stationing of US troops prior to the second Gulf war 1991.

Specific analytical reports are forthcoming on chosen articles of SAG

Al-Furqan: Roadsidebombing of a fuel-tanker

The al-Furqan media divison released a video today showing the roadsidebombing of a fuel-tanker in the vicinity of Baghdad. The video is not unusual but rare.

Some Links:

Some time last year, the Ansar as-Sunna released a video entitled “the Sword to cut the veins of the unbeliever” (al-battar li-qata’ sharaiyin al-kuffar) – which aims at destroying the fueltrucks and other supply lines. Regulary we find videos on the internet, especially from the Ansar as-Sunna, where trucks carrying 4×4 or Humvee vehicles are systematically aimed at or bombed by roadside explosives or are coming under fire by RPG assaults.

Unfortunately the outcome is devastating, of course it is hard to assess the actual damage done, but the quantity of filmed material is overwhelming – and the jihadi propagande is doing its part too. Some stills (Ansar as-Sunna):

Algeria: „The Hell of the Apostates”

Some time after the announcement that the GSPC has merged with al-Qa’ida a very professional made video surfaced in the internet by the title “The Hell of the Apostates, part 2”. Part 1 is of similar contend and has the identical layout, however part 2 is just way better made and consists only out of 1 file (464 mb).

After the February 14th release of the series “the Shades of the Swords” I have found many similarities to the mentioned series “The Hell of the Apostates” – in both videos the same layout appears and it seems that the same person(s) have created these videos.

Therefore several examples:

This is a still from the latest video; after the ambush on a army unit, the Mujahidin have taken several weapons and ammunition as well as other equipment as booty. The booty is an important thing for the salafist, as they believe to follow Muhammads example and the quran (sura at-Tawba and al-Anfal) by doing so.

“Booty of the Mujahidin in this raid: machine-guns, ammunition and phones/ communication devices.


Also inbetween scenes there are overviews of what is to come. Here for example there is the title (explosion of two mines) and the following categories:

Type, what is to come and whats the (alleged) result.

Whenever there is a clip or a scene of a new assault, there is always the seperator with the texy layout and information shown.




To compare that to the series “the Hell of the Apostates”:

Just as above, there is the booty of the Mujahidin after this raid: 09 machine-guns, ammunition and communication devices.






nearly identical layout and almost same text-level

place/ target/ booty for the Mujahidin

Algeria: Tanzim al-Qa’ida fi-bilad al-maghreb al-islam airs new video

Tanzim al-Qa’ida bi-bilad al-maghrab al-islam broadcasts a new video (14.2.07):

“Ambush and five bombings”, from the series “shades of the swords”, has the same layout as an older movie, which had been aired after the “public merging” of the then called GSPC and al-Qa’ida (see post: Algeria: The Hell of the Apostates).



This jihadvideo must be seen in the context of the recent developments in Algeria:

  1. In september 2006 the then called Groupe Salafiste pour la Predication et le Combat (GSPC) publicly announced their merging with al-Qa’ida. (see post: GSPC merges with al-Qa’ida, September 2006).
  2. A bus, carrying a number of Halliburton workers, was bombed in an operation called “Bouchaoui-raid”. This video, 10.12.2006, was introduced with the old signature of the GSPC (see post: Algeria: Bouchaoui-raid)
  3. The GSPC was renamed after sworing allegiance with al-Qa’ida on January 24th (see post: GSPC changes their name).

This video shows, among other incidents, the roadside bombings of a troop transporter. The last two transporter stop, the first one seen in the picture obviously flees the scene – following the military verhicles which have already passed – the soldiers then start to leave the transport and take cover (red circle).

The caption reads: “The apostates during their gathering close to the second bomb.”

Picture No.3 shows the explosion of the second bomb – while the jihadis watch and film from a safe distance.

This is just a scene of the video. It starts with a Mujahidin unit heading to a firefight with the algerian army – after minutes of firefighting, several bodies are shown as the Mujiahdin collect weapons, munition and equipment (see also the comparison with the series “the Hell of the Apostates”).

Here is the table of contents (short version:

– Ambush on a unit of the idolatry-army

– explosion of two bombs directed against an convoy of the idolatry-army

– explosion of two mines (attack close by army baracks)

– bomb attack against a leader of the national guard

– bomb attack against the national guard

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Jihadis read the Rand report

Found online at:

The study of the Rand Corporation goes by the title “Civil Democratic Islam.”

Jihadis post “western” documents quite often and even cite them sometimes in their own writings. In the past years several documents have been published by radicals who have read and incorporated western sources such as from the U.S.Army or declassified intelligence handbooks.

After introducing the Rand Corporation and naming it as an american national security branch, it is concluded by stating that “it’s a critical and important report in order to understand how the americans see islam.”

As-Sahab publishes (another) video from Afghanistan

As-Sahab publishes new video (DivX) – showing the launching of rockets, which are (supposed) to have targeted an american military base in Afghanistan. Mujahidin forces, after firing several rockets, quickly wrap up and disappear from the site

The as-Sahab Media Institute has been around for several years by now, and they are quite active publishing a lot of videos and Zawahiri speeches. Recently, they have been filming operations similar to this one – a quick assault on –what they claim- US military bases in Afghanistan, firing several rockets, motars, grenades from a distance. The target is shown very rarly (for good reasons, I guess…)

IAI: What is to do when you are put in Prison ?

The Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI) released a new edition today of one of their magazines (al-Fursan). In this 40 paged magazine there is a wide variety of topics, such as the “objectives for the new year”, “what is the victory [for], if one doesn’t serve God?” or “the scent of the shuhada.”

Description and assignment to the beginnings of the war in Islam

As usual, magazines as such, are to serve practical purposes besides the “religious” and “political” chit-chat.

What to do, when one is thrown into prison – a personal report from Iraq. “It [being imprisoned] is inevitable for the temptation and the trial” on which the mujahidin tread – a often used jihadi-rhetoric following the belief that one is fighting for the cause of God and as such every test and every temptation is an experiment, which the faithful must withstand; “just like the bloddshed in the streets.” “This recent experiment goes by in the prisons, and always one with oneself in this regard – there I wasn’t in a big shock (except that I was seperated from my wife and children and that there were news from them… the devil let’s you rott in these regards). My house was raided (11 men and one women where inside).” The Author goes with some details of his arrest. “There is no doubt, that the situation is difficult in the first days [in prison]… this is something new for you.”

“My Brother, you must know that Yusuf was imprisoned… Imam as-Sunna, Ahmad b. Hanbal was imprisoned… Sheikh al-Islam, Ibn Taymiyya, was imprisoned – so who are you, even if you are angry with what God has decided, who has decreed over you, before he had created the world (…) you must know, that you will not exit [the prison] until God wants you to.” The author goes in narrating from his perspective how God has made him firm, even when “they took me to confess, I prayed to God that he would make me strong.”

Recently there has been a number of online sources dealing with “our imprisoned brothers”, a couple of months ago a video surfaced in the radical-islamic forums how the Israeli Defense Force arrested a number of administrators in Gaza. Imprisonment has always been a very important issue in the jihad literature, arabic reports from the shuhada’ in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Hurks provided some insight, but a significant document ist the memorandum issued by Sawt al-Jihad after the arrest of one of al-Qa’ida’s chef ideologes Salman Faris az-Zahrani (a.k.a. Abu Jandal) where the exact same rethoric is used.

Chinook Helikopter Abschuss im Irak – al-Furqan

Ein paar Tage nach dem Abschuss eines Apache Kampfhubschraubers im Irak wurde ein Chinook Transport Helikopter gezielt ausgesucht und abgeschossen. Das Video zeigt den Chinook über die Abschusszone fliegen dieser wird von einer Rakete getroffen, stürzt brennend zu Boden.


Bemerkenswert, wie sich die Dschihadis im Irak anpassen – laut einem Internet-Forum ist ihr nächstes Ziel DHL und größere Transportmaschinen abzuschießen.

Hubschrauber, vor allem Apache Kampfhubschrauber werden immer wieder in der Dschihad-Literatur als die Waffe der Vereinigten Staaten angeführt, mit dem diese “Kreuzfahrer” die Unschuldigen Muslime unterjochen und töten. Die Entführung des amerikanischen Flugzeugingenieurs Paul Johnson (2004-Saudi Arabien) war kein Zufall, Johnson war ein Ingenieur, der für die US Armee arbeitete und war für die Wartung und Weiterentwicklung der Apaches verantwortlich.

Siehe dazu: (BBC)


Der Öl-Faktor (SAG No.30)

Nach den versuchten Anschlägen auf den Abqaiq Öl- und Gaskomplex der al-Qa’ida im Februar 2006 wurde ein Bekennerschreiben im Internet veröffentlich, das jetzt in der 30.Ausgabe der SAG integriert ist: “Geheimoperation des Scheichs Osama b. Ladin – Gott möge ihn Beschützen” das sich auf einen Rechtsbeschluß eines inhaftierten Scheikhs (al-Uteri) beruft. In seinem 63 seiten Buch mit dem Titel “Rechtsbeschluß bezüglich des Abzielens auf Interessen, die im Zusammenhang mit Öl stehen.” Die neueste Ausgabe der SAG zitiert den Angriff auf den Abqaiq Komplex und läßt vereinzelt Mittäter zu Wort kommen.

Übersetzungen und Analysen über die “Waffe Öl” – Work in Progress