in den Medien!

Am Freitag, den 14.09.2007 um 19.30 Uhr, zeigte die österreichische Nachrichtensendung Zeit im Bild (ORF) zu dem Beitrag der drei in Wien verhafteten Islamisten

Entweder eine asx-Datei herunterladen, diese dann mit dem Windows Media Player öffnen, oder unter , auf den neben “Zeit im Bild” mit “Stream” gesetzten Link klicken, die Sendung vom 14.09. auswählen, dann den Beitrag “Festgenommene Islamisten: Richter entscheidet über U-Haft.”

Ebenso sind im Kurier Screenshot von onlinejihad.wordpress erschienen:

Bzw. In der Printausgabe (S.2):

Back online soon

Is she wearing lipstick????


At the moment I am struggeling with some technical problems (it’s a real jihad, in the true sense of the word), but I am confident to get back soon to more or less regular postings on the blog.

Well, there are tons of (bad) news and I still you owe you some “prison facts” – new Zawahiri videos – new bin Laden video? – jihadis seem to deploy new, more effective IED’s in Iraq (gruesome video upate) – done a lot of reading in the infamous sawt al-jihad, which I might bring online to some degree — Cheers.

The Prison-Project

As announced the pending updates are going to go online tomorrow. I will go through the 8th chapter of the “ultimate security encyclopedia” which deals with “the prison factor” –and that will be all, due to the lack of time. As I am very fascinated by the “prison elements” in the jihadi literature, a collegue and I have decided to start a project on the subject and a publication is to be expeced at the end of the year (for starters in German, but a English translation is likely). So, for now, the 8th chapter of the “encyclopedia” will serve as the non-plus-ultra update. As I have more than enough data, you may expect at least a weekly update of the blog.

Pending updates

Please note this blog is not being updated regularly, it is just an attempt to make the jihadi arabic literature and online ‘movements’ comprehensible for non-arabic readers.


Pending updates, lets say coming one after another over the next 2 or so weeks:

  1. One or two chapters of the ‘ultimate security encyclopedia’
  2. Speaking about prison – the case of Abu Nasir al-Qahtani (analysis of the videos innahum 1+2)
  3. Prison Blues II: GIMF and the ‘Alisha Prison
  4. The imprisoned scholars in Saudi Arabia and the case of al-Qa’ida ideologue az-Zahrani (a.k.a. Abu Jandal al-Azdi)
  5. Califate Voice Channel GIMF and the Fath al-Islami in Libanon


Any wishes? Contact me at onlinejihad AT gmx DOT net (to avoid spam)