A comment on a comment

So I have just received this nice comment by “ishaaq”, feel free to contact our nice human fellow at ishaaq isaacpimpa@yahoo.com |, who wrote the following:

“trying to mock the people who perform their duties that allah created them for. trust me wallahi the brother you are mocking are in a better place than this dunya. alla you people strive for is just materialistic things and thn you die and then you will go to hell inshallah. allah says in the quran: verily those who disbelieve spend their wealth to hinder men from the path of allah, they will spend it then it will be exhausted and then they will be defeated. therefore my kuffar friends you are not the first and you will not be the last to try. you are going to remember this little comment when you are in hell fire and you will wail “if only i saw and had intellect, i would not have been of the people of the fire. peace to those who follow the right guidance(islam).”


Let me comment on the comment of ishaaq: there is always a problem with less intelligent people who belief to be something better because they have the “proper belief”. But in your case, dear Ishaaq, you are supporting a rigid ragtag interpretation of Islam and don’t seem to have the wits that there is more out there in the “dunya” which God, lets stick with God, Allah is God just like Dieu, and this blog is still in English, has created. Well your hellfire is your life, that is your problem. And then you aren’t even Muslim enough to understand Arabic and must rely on non-Arabic blogs such as this one. Minus points for you there. By the way the Quran translation you have “blessed” us with is not only wrong but also reveals your stupidity – enjoy your rihla you ignorant wannabe.

2 thoughts on “A comment on a comment

  1. HA-HA!

    “you aren’t even Muslim enough to understand Arabic and must rely on non-Arabic blogs such as this one”

    Mr. Anti-Jihad Blog Guy, I think I love you.

    1. The administrator of this site thinks that only those fluent in arabic has the clout and ‘intelligence’ to understand islam (and the Orders & Warnings& Promises from the Almighty) if that is so, Islam would not have spread far & wide. But if you believe what you believe, then go ahead, believing so and I challenge you to mock us even more until you remain seething in your own anger and hatred.Muslims will continue to prevail by close adherence to the faith. We see victory for Muslims in the end on this earth itself and of cousrse in the Hereafter. Allah promises (surah Ibraheem:
      Do not think that Allah is ignorant/ neglectful of what the Evil doers have done. Indeed they have been prepared for the Hellfire/ the Hellfire is being prepared for them, indeed Allah will not break promises to His Messengers & Muslims) and in (Surah
      As sajdah : 32 : Therefore turn away from the Evildoers (for they wish to mock & fight you & choose to remain close minded/ unheeded) and wait for Judgment Day and indeed they will also wait -only to find they are in terrible Error!) . Therefore, if you wish to remain narrow minded in making such statements, then i invite you to do so, it will be more convenient for Muslims to carry out God’s Will and you who mock and seek to cause injury to our persons and stance/ faith will be ensnared by us through means that you know naught.

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