Jihadist propaganda on recent events in Afghanistan

Without much comment, several new propaganda pictures have been disseminated throughout the usual jihadist forums and websites, mocking Nato efforts in Afghanistan and reinforcing ideological elements as well as the usual ‘show of force’:

Taliban statements since Nato’s operation “Mostharak” have been most exaggerating since a long time with in parts obnoxious claims being made on a very frequent basis. This picture matches such statements and furthers the individual sympathizers’ belief that victory may be close and the resurrection of the Islamic Emirate underway.

A crying Obama with cheering Taliban / Mujahideen in Afghanistan. American coffins and determined Mujahideen with rocket launchers.

This picture had been released a while ago and was included once more in a package of pictures disseminated by a jihadist forum. The shot-down helicopter is to suggest that the most technological advances are not much of a match to the Mujahideen while operations are in the progress on a global scale.

3 thoughts on “Jihadist propaganda on recent events in Afghanistan

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  2. to Richard.lame excuses and all lies.We are not Homosexuals.Look at your American nation which is drowning in bad deeds.Listen,you can never even touch our Muslim childrens.You don’t know the history of our ancestors.
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    longlive Mujahideen
    longlive Afghanistan
    Takbeer Allahuakbar

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