More Hamas-bashing from jihadist forums

The August 2009 stand-off between the pro AQ group Jund Ansar Allah (JAA) and Hamas in the Gaza-strip has led to a continued Hamas-bashing within jihadist forums and from sympathizers who in the meantime have issued a great deal of anti-Hamas documents and videos. Being branded as a “traitors to the umma” or “agents of the Zionist agenda” and so forth, Hamas has been widely marked as a hostile group and part of the global “war on Islam” – on the side of those, who wage war with the Crusaders and the Zionist and who-have-you.

After the JAA issued a video in August, showing attacks against infrastructure and IED’s transported by JAA Mujahidin on horses, a attentive AQ sympathizer observed and claims that Hamas stole these IED’s from the JAA after the al-Qassam Brigades moved into JAA’s HQ in the Ibn Taymiya Mosque on August 17 killing most of JAA’s members and their ideological and practical leader Abu Nur al-Maqdisi (‘Abd al-Latif Musa).

There the sympathizer “recommends to you all to spread [these pictures] as being part of a collection on the crimes of Hamas and its treacherous behavior. (…) Here are new pictures of Hamas criminal soldiers, who murder Muslims, in their military parade in the Nasirat region. They are carrying the IED’s of the Mujahidin [JAA] in this parade.”

A picture of a JAA Mujahid who is making his horse ready to deploy the IED’s in JAA’s video issued in July/August 2009.

Here are the members of the al-Qassam Brigades, who swiped the Ibn Taymiyya mosque in Rafah in August 2009 killing most of JAA members and their leader, Abu Nur al-Maqdisi. The IED is marked with a red circle by the attentive online jihadist and has titled this picture accordingly (“criminals of the al-Qassam Brigades use the IED’s of those, who confess the unity of God, in the military parade, as a present for the Zionists, who they have found to protect them in Gaza for they are the brigade of crimes and murder those, who confess the unity of God and the ‘ulama, the Mujahidin and the innocents”.

Same story, different picture.

And here is a screenshot to further prove how Hamas steals weapons from the true mujahidin. This screenshot is from the Tawhed and Jihad Group in Jerusalem, who claim that Hamas soldiers seized their rockets intended to be launched against Israeli targets.


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