Burning tankers en route to Afghanistan

Pictures posted by a member calling himself “Acer 007” show a burning fuel tanker in what “Acer 007” claims to be Jalalabad. Suggesting that the tanker subtly – without any reference or note – was most likely en route to supply NATO troops in Afghanistan. The pictures, some of which are shown here, suggest the helplessness of security personnel who seem to be standing by idle. The jihadist notion of attacking oil tankers, networks, pipelines and by all means oil sites has had a great propagandistic impact when AQAP unsuccessfully attempted to attack the Saudi Abqaiq (or Baqiq) facilities in 2004 and when a similar operation was undertaken in Hadramawt, Yemen. The ideological implications are clear and often in its basic practical definitions repeated, such as by Nasir al-Wahhayshi, the leader of the Yemeni AQ branch. The strategic need for jihadists to attack oil related and relevant sites are taken from the understanding that enemy forces, occupying Islamic territories, are pillaging Islamic oil and gas resources and are using these elements bestowed by God upon the Muslims against the innocent Muslim populations worldwide. Al-Wahhaishi called on to continue any effort to undertake operations against the oil industry in Yemen, to harm both the government and the military-industrial complex of the West – to safeguard Muslims and to protect the Islamic resources.

Whenever such pictures are shown in the forums, blogs, websites,…, the general notion, in some parts highly ideological, should be kept in mind. “Acer 007” placed the pictures under the banner “The Hell of the Romans and Apostates in Jalalabad – Present to the People of Tawhid ~ Afghanistan ~ new pictures”.


The “Hell of the Romans and Apostates” had once been limited to al-Furqan productions in Iraq, but as it is these times, everything swaps into a more comprising and global mindset.


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