Ansar as-Sunna claims to have hacked Microsoft

A poster in an English jihad forum claims that “some Mujahid brothers have hacked the Microsoft servers” – and now all the content is available to anyone in the forum. Showing the programs and providing an in-depth description on how to handle the *.sdc files and make them run, the poster goes on:

“Server is for students can download programs

Microsoft indigenous …

Server is open in all universities in the world for students only …

Server only by special means of a particular group of people ..


We’re going to smash a good day this strange server penetrate the fortress and Encryption …

Yes, I said Fort Encryption immune because all the files closed

Will not be able to open only a special way to take advantage of them and the way ..

Very easy, but remains a major barrier if it can not deciphered …”


According to some of the pictures provided, a or the Ansar as-Sunna seem to be responsible for the hack but the posting does not seem to be on the AS forum.

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