Taliban attack on German army

Well, jihadi statements and media statements just have a tendency of being quite different. Today the Taliban announced to have committed an attack against the “German occupational army” in Afghanistan in the province of Qunduz in the north of the country. “One of the heroic mujahidin for the Islamic emirate, Islam ad-Din, attacked them by a suicide operation” and the Taliban claim to have killed 12 German soldiers – DER SPIEGEL (http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,585258,00.html) reports that two Germans had been killed in the attack, when the assailant blew himself up while riding a bike and killing five children who were playing at the side of the road when the German army convoy passed through.
The usual statement within the forums – at least on the ones that are still up and running; the flow of information has so far not been influenced by the Saudi take down of three major forums.
The tendency to exaggerate on actual casualties of – in the interpretation of the Taliban / jihadis – Western occupants is mostly higher than being stated in the mainstream media and mostly serves the propaganda purpose of these statements.

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