Flash update: new OBL Vid

Another “letter to the american people” – OBL talks with some pride, although the guy seems worn out and tired, how the greatest economy and the most powerfull army in the world are unable to win wars against the mujahideen and how his 19 youngsters managed to hit America on her own soil.

The Mujahideen have become a key factor, influencing not only politics and policy, but also in general, he may refer to the public awareness – every little terrorist considers himself to be a mujahed, not just the actual fighters who are fighting for example in Afganistan.

This just a three minute “pre-release”, the video in full is still not online; and the jihadi media system used to be so reliable…

Some screens:


3 thoughts on “Flash update: new OBL Vid

    1. Maybe the problem is that you are fnicsuog on FB for your news. Maybe you should expand where you get your Internet news. I have stayed away from this, because I have conflicted feelings. I read Bush’s statements on this and that was about it.SoMo s last [type] ..

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