Bin Laden Update

The US government has released some details, in the forums I check, the video has not gone online. I expect the as-sahab production to be downloadable soon, until then I highly recommend the SPIEGEL article and Washington Post.

The forums are full of the usually sympathizers expressing their feelings for “the sheikh” – usually about 1-2 GB video material per week (not mentioning the documents such as GIMF) are posted – as you may imagine, the “soon, Godwilling” announcement of the OBL video has had several thousand visitors since Thursday (for example, 7,879 clicks in just one radical forum).

As soon as I have the vid, I will watch the bullshit (there goes my weekend) and keep you posted.,1518,504568,00.html

2 thoughts on “Bin Laden Update

  1. allhe akebar mine america wa israil
    walle 3izato lile allhe wa rasolihe wel mouemine wala kine monafikine la ya3elamone
    eislame 3izatona wele qorane dostourona wele djihade hayatona wel chahadate fi sabile allhe asma amanina wa mohamado rasole allhe qoudwatona wa imamona

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