Denmark again will try to be less polemic and more serious once again – but what would the world be without fun?

I found this picture in an arabic speaking jihad forum “a new picture mocking the prophet by the danish and disfiguring him”:

“There is no power and no might except with God – look at the sons of the monkeys and pigs” [well it’s a classical jihadi synonym for christians and jews]

(…) we ask God that (…) that he may rise the banner of Jihad [over the authors] one by one. Written by the christians: [here follows a translation of the description of the picture – play as if you are…]

May God damn those, who play with the figure [obviously our friends don’t catch the joke…] and those who made up the picture ( I don’t believe the crazy company will sell a lot of these [again: didn’t get the joke]) .

Oh Brothers! Renew your boykott of danish products – [and so on and so forth… what follows is the “usual complaining” excuse me for keeping this rather short, as it contains no explicit threats against Denmark or the Danes.]

So that’s what happens when you have photoshop, an idea and an internet connection: you piss some jihadis off who actually believe that the evil danish company Lego has joined the “danish conspiracy” against Islam (?)

A jihadi oopsi

Found this in an english-speaking jihadi forum: a picture of what is supposed to be a “american pig”:

“An american pig killed by an IED” – that’s the caption of the post…

And finally, one poster even demands that the picture has to be removed:

are you sure akhee? iv seen it in other places as ‘american pig’ and

there are soldiers who seem to be kuffar soldiers around the body.

and also if it was a mujahid would mujahideen allow a picture like

that to get out??

anyhow it should be removed because awrah is exposed regardless of

whether corpse is muslim or not wAllahu ‘alam

jazakAllah khayr


The meaning of awra: it is the arabic term for genitals, private parts – but can also mean privatsphere, stigma, tain, flaw.

The jihadis do use if in their writings, as an example “how the muslims are misstreated” – their homes being raided and their flaws being made public; as of to say the women are exposed and cannot be protected anymore by the men etc.