Al-Furqan: Roadsidebombing of a fuel-tanker

The al-Furqan media divison released a video today showing the roadsidebombing of a fuel-tanker in the vicinity of Baghdad. The video is not unusual but rare.

Some Links:

Some time last year, the Ansar as-Sunna released a video entitled “the Sword to cut the veins of the unbeliever” (al-battar li-qata’ sharaiyin al-kuffar) – which aims at destroying the fueltrucks and other supply lines. Regulary we find videos on the internet, especially from the Ansar as-Sunna, where trucks carrying 4×4 or Humvee vehicles are systematically aimed at or bombed by roadside explosives or are coming under fire by RPG assaults.

Unfortunately the outcome is devastating, of course it is hard to assess the actual damage done, but the quantity of filmed material is overwhelming – and the jihadi propagande is doing its part too. Some stills (Ansar as-Sunna):

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