IED attack

As-Sahab seems to back after having not posted any new roadside bomb and other videos. Abu Yahya al-Libi issued two as-Sahab videos recently to the jihadi audience – I will post details and screens sometime later.

Bomb attack against an american vehicle is a “classical” IED bombing. Three cars are shown. A black jeep passes what looks to be either a construction site or an obstacle, after that two Humvees go through – the second Humvee is the one being severly hit by the IED.

After that two Humvees go through – leaving a lot space inbetween

The second Humvee gets hit. Notice the tire flying away in the top screen. The IED’s seem to have gained in blast and effectivity, videos from Iraq indicate the same thing: direct and aimed hits using a lot of explosives to carnage the targets.

Introducing the bicycle-bomb

From the series, “the Holocaust of the Americans.”

This is the first that I have seen such a video, using a bicycle to transport a bomb and using the bike + the bomb + the rider as a to roadsidebomb an american military vehicle.

Just went online…


2 guys preparing a bomb, which is being stored and concealed in a package.

The “product” is ready.

No comment on that.

It looks like a humvee that is being attacked.

From the series „the Holocaust of the Americans”

In the province Zabul, Afghanistan, the Mujahidin have struck again – against the Arghandab Post.

This movie is meere propaganda, just like all as-Sahab productions, but this time it’s plain obivious that the alleged base which is being attacked was propobly abondened some time ago by coaltion forces. But make up your own mind (links at the end of the post).

This post, according to the leader of the unit, is of strategic importance: in a valley, in between moutanious areas, it connects several districts and controls the only road.

This movie is about the victory over a militart post, which is supposed to be run by the evil evil Americans (who else?). What makes the movie quite significant is that the Mujahidin, or Taleban seem so be planning this attack very accurately, letting the viewer know whats going on.

The picture shows the landscape crafted by the attackers, in order to explain how the attack should succeed:

Well, so far so good, and the viewer does expect a standoff – the commander informs us that 150 mujadidin will participate in the attack.

They even dispatch a recon unit – something is shown quite often, especially in the Afghan videos, take a look of the supposed checkpoint (close to the base):

If you ask me, it’s already abandoned. Suddenly the recon team has to hide, the speaker informs us about incoming US planes, send to seek and destroy the poor Taliban (notice the boots of this jihadi):

After that US forces arrive on the scene, some vehicles are shown in the video and the planned assault is delayed. Some time later however, the battle beginns as the Taliban are marching towards the target, praising their endurance and patience and finally the “battle” beginns. Mostly shots fired into the dark, no output can be seen – it just seems staged all the way.

The Taliban retreat, all the sudden and return to their HQ – while eating bread and potatoes, the narrator calls upon the rich and wealthy muslim businessmen to donor to the cause of jihad – and to defend “islam” against the pact of infidel nations, a pact forged in order to destroy the true religion of God.

Two more things about the video:

First, the local (male) population speaks “freely” into the camera, claiming to be finally freed of the foreign oppressor who throw people into prison randomly and disallow any freedom of movement.

Second, while inspecting the “conquered” base, the Taliban find tons of empty patotoe chip bags – produced and exported from Saudi Arabia. Now that’s just one more proof how wicked the Saudi royal family is. (Expect some forthcoming extracts from the Sawt al-Jihad soon, as the magazine is full of that anti Saudi notion)

One of the liberated locals……filepath=15672…filepath=21910



As-Sahab publishes (another) video from Afghanistan

As-Sahab publishes new video (DivX) – showing the launching of rockets, which are (supposed) to have targeted an american military base in Afghanistan. Mujahidin forces, after firing several rockets, quickly wrap up and disappear from the site

The as-Sahab Media Institute has been around for several years by now, and they are quite active publishing a lot of videos and Zawahiri speeches. Recently, they have been filming operations similar to this one – a quick assault on –what they claim- US military bases in Afghanistan, firing several rockets, motars, grenades from a distance. The target is shown very rarly (for good reasons, I guess…)