Pictures of female Mujahidin in Afpak

Women are of course also part of the globalized jihad – particularly when they are inhabitants, thus wives of obliged Mujahidin, in Islamic territories that have been conquered and invaded by non-Muslim armies. Plenty of textual sources compiled by various jihadist scholars and some legal scholars, specifically historic ones, can be found within the spheres of online jihad.

These are pictures of Mujahidat from the Taliban in Afpak.

6 thoughts on “Pictures of female Mujahidin in Afpak

  1. assalam-u-alaikum
    brother&sister in islam of mujahideen where ever u r
    fighting the kuffars our doah is with u. may allah bless u & give u strenght& courage ameen.

  2. As salam alaikum , ma brothers and sisters in Islam who are mujahids…. ma prayers are always with you and i love your lives… and i wish to be like you

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