The Missing?! Al-mafqud

The al-Furqan Media section claims to have shot down a F-16 jet north of Bagdad – according to Aljazeera. As usual, there is the banner stating “soon, godwilling”: The missing?! (al-mafqud). This is just followed up by some pictures from the forthcoming movie.

The pilot of the alleged downed F-16. Reminds one of the Islamic Army in Iraq “Lee’s Life for Lies”, doesn’t it? This may imply, that they are holding him prisoner – I assume the video will go online either later today or sometime next week. The new thing: Normally the jihadis post a banner stating the “soon, Godwilling” message and then simply post the data when they are done revising it, this time however, pictures have been released in advance. Two of the pictures indicate that OBL and al-Muhajir will get to talk the talk.

Interview with one of the residents of the populated area after it has been bombed [by the F-16 they claim to have downed]

The typical picture that strives propaganda: how can one not go and fight for his religion and his people? Children are frequently being shown and “displayed” as to prove the viciousness of the “enemy” and the “war against islam and against muslims.” Most jihad video have the “child-component” in common, spanning even back to the Afghan war against the Soviets and the war in the Balkan region in the mid 90ties.

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