ISI’s Tikrit Raid

Shortly before the statement by the Islamic State of Iraq regarding the terrorist attacks in Baghdad had been released, ISI issued a statement considering a “raid in Tikrit”. Therein, ISI claims to have killed a high-ranking counter-terrorist commander, who, according to the statement, was responsible for the death, extortion, torture, rape of Sunnis in Iraq and part of the perceived ‘counter’ state under al-Maliki.

According to the statement, that refers to the “safeguarding of the blood of the weak”, the officer, Ahmad Subhi al-Fahl, was killed by a suicide bomber who detonated his explosive belt when al-Fahl and others had left a building. As usual or often in such statements, the Mujahidin, “the lions of ISI”, claim to have conducted “proper surveillance of their target; after patience and remaining steadfast tied to the military operation, the criminal was found and killed” by a suicide bomber who threw himself into the group.

Interesting about this statement was, however, a posting in one of the radical forums before the statement was released. In this homemade video, the death of al-Fahl is being praised and ISI cherished.

Sequences from ISI videos are taken and republished in this homemade video. Praise for the alleged actions and the ‘success’ by ISI, as well as the support by the people, shall be implicated by such praiseful scenes.

Al-Fahl, who is claimed to have been killed by ISI operatives in Tikrit – and the response (before the official statement) by one of ISI’s ‘fans’.

“The dog who revealed on the al-Arabiya News Channel proud the killing of Mujahidin”

Still present in the fantasy sphere of online jihadists icons: “martyred” al-Zarqawi

The video is concluded by scenes from 2006 and 2007 al-Furqan videos showing the execution of members of the governments Ministry of the Interior.

All in all a ‘legitimate fight with legitimate means’ as introduced by icons such as al-Zarqawi is being reinstated by the author of this video and summed up in ISI’s official statement. Fighting for justice, peace and religious deeds, all of which are alleged vehicles for Sunni Muslims to acquire security and to fulfill the will of God as set by the jihadists interpretations of Quran and Sunna.

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